Does that mean that we have to give up our offer and wait for an indefinite answer from SIT? No problem but is there definitely a second interview? You are not talking responsible. The debate is meaningful to a certain extend. Is your source from this link an accredited source?

SIT is pretty new after all and many things can change in the next years. I feel it’s not very appropriate to bash the school here. Welll they are from Singapore background but maybe they are employed by the OU. Some triggers will be fake reporting discovered, property bubble bursts, democracy revolution, war over SCS, trade war become very big. C 6 Science Phys,Chem:

The TUM programmes have been tailored to provide the student with the foundation of German expertise knowledge, with the relevance of the Asian industry outlook.

Not exactly suitable here. This forum is moderated by volunteer moderators who bachelro react only to members’ feedback on posts. C 6 Combined Humanities: I really got loads of time to spare nowadays. Edmwers keep chanting recession coming and property bubble gonna pop for the last decade leh Sent from the future using GAGT.

bachelor thesis hwz

C 6 Science Phys,Chem: Forum members and moderators are responsible for their own posts. I also wonder where is the next recession. For employers, it is a good way to recruit talent. I know for a fact that the profs from OU partners are not hired locally.


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Like tech and property in china? Its very hard to describe, if u done a bachelors thesis and learn how to use science framework to judge things, I guess u understand bchelor well.

What I’m trying to imply is that they should not delay the release of results too far away from the rest of the unis as some people might forgo their opportunities to study.

In the ever changing economy, what employer want is to be able to hire the right person that can do the job with the minimal time spend for the “on-the-job” training. B is an autonomous uni. Besides using both years’ bachelog holiday breaks – from May to July – students will spend the whole of their third year working in a company.

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Said the year-old, who took the job: Hey I was offered around weeks ago. Adding that students will be graded, he said: Morgan Singapore, which offered him a permanent job as a technology analyst. NUS provost Tan Eng Bchelor said university officials had studied work-study schemes, called cooperative education at several American and Canadian universities.


Any accountancy people receive their acceptence. Can you prove it? What course you applied to?

This still not consider a twinning programme conducted wholly or partly by a university from PDF page 2? Those OUs degrees are taught by their OU’s prof which is flown in from their respective country 2.

Now u see usa stock market reach new height? Get this thread back to what was supposed to be. This forum is moderated by volunteer moderators who will react only to members’ feedback on posts.

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For example, the SIT conferred Degree includes maximum 12 Month Internship to bridge the student to get full time employment. Moderators are not employees or representatives of HWZ. Medical, nursing, pharmacy, social work, food science, thesks media and accountancy students are also required to undertake work attachments.

bachelor thesis hwz