This is amazing, I was so skeptical that it was gonna be a bunch of horrible music, but when Atmosphere was the first song, I was stoked. There’s a slow shuffle, and a skippy beat on top of it!? Search over 2 million playlists by genre, mood, and artist. I Am The Wind by hellosweeetie. Putting the main back in mainstream! You are the man! I am now going to buy every one of these songs and put them on my iPod.

Keckinit March 21, A little piece of me for you by alex. Crysti July 18, real stuff. Keckinit March 21, hey, if you like life-changing lyrics by a Seattle-based group, def check out the Blue Scholars. My head is spinning. Indie with a wobble. This is the first mix I ever liked, a year ago, and I still come back to start every adderall fueled homework session.

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What is this fuckery!? Darling, it’s your move by ayesabrina.


Her clothes WILL fall off by jess Putting the main back in mainstream! Ubida April 11, RoqDSA June 20, Virga by The Vibe. Discovering music through people.

LivviGray June 06, Gucika September 07, Thank you so much for this. And I was so surprised that Hoodie Allen was on here, I love him! L I T by adolescentJoy.

8tracks homework hip hop

Ethio Jazz Suite by redbatrecords. LivviGray June 06, Such a damn good mix. Maybe I should make a new playlist with lyrics exclusively about Math and Chemistry. Your tears a sea for me to swim by CuluinaMiuco. You are the man! Looking for something more homewogk

Laid Back Hip Hop/Homework Music

Ubida April 11, Holy c rap! We’ve got millions of playlists lovingly homewodk by people like you. Crysti July 18, I am now going to buy every one of these songs and put them on my iPod.

Anya September 02, Kid Cudi Deep Sleep Music by Music2Meditate. I Am The Wind by hellosweeetie.


Smooth Hip Hop.

Gucika September 07, this is great. Just a light year from us by CuluinaMiuco.

8tracks homework hip hop

Anya September 02, Indie Feel Good by k8lynwright. Tropical Tunes by UltraMusic.

When I need you by My little wonderwall. The Gathering Storm by cdreaiton. Fucked over by lexi-thao. I saw them in concert.