This is how the Chinese do business. Mind you that Tim used AdWords to check which title converts best. Tim, these guys are definitely not working 4 hours a week. I was also working full-time as a programmer for a small company during the first few years of the business. Good to know that 5 years, 3 years even, is a really do-able timeline. Before making the visit, I would sincerely suggest the following:

Case studies and illustrations give hope and credibility to the possibility of successfully doing it. Niche Adsense and niche Clickbank sites… And then I make money selling information products about how I make money. Have fun and thanks for adding to the conversation! Just an excellent 10 step course on getting a muse up from the scratch. Learn a few words in Chinese; it is very much appreciated and shows you are interested in them. Reply Chris February 26, at Or let the product evolve by itself and let the PR, operational, financial strategies flow as you go?

Some time next year when my daughter is a bit older, my wife and I will pick that project up since we love it.

4hww muse case study

I contacted my former boss. The podcast was fantastic and strongly recommend any entrepreneur to look into the Amazon platform to scale their business.

stusy So, I saw that the customization of electronics were a hot product. I love the idea wtudy never being done, of going right back to zero and starting over… And I was wondering, what would it be for you to reinvent yourself? It would have saved me having to reinvent the wheel with all the costs and time that were associated with that. I had read a book that previous summer called The 4 Hour Work Weekby Tim Ferriss, and it fundamentally changed the way I looked at business.


Any tips and tricks for someone new to this musing?! I stydy kind of lucked into my current position. Notify me of new comments via email. Thanks, Tim, for the swift kick in the butt.

4-Hour Case Studies | The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss

We thought it would be cool if we could change the voices on the GPS to something funny. I was laid off in December and poured myself into full-time entrepreneurship as a result.

Tim, Very, very valuable!

4hww muse case study

Trust our yet to be figured out muse will be a case study on this our favourite blog. Or let the product evolve by itself and let the PR, operational, financial strategies flow as you go? Online software to help private music teachers manage the business side of their teaching studios. However, I did hire help for SEO.

Is it just me or is it all in the marketing?! Keynotopia is a great idea. Care to share how you do initial testing whether new markets are worth putting in the effort to test further? Your book and selling on Amazon has changed my life and the quality of my families life, plus this year cracked 7 figures online via Amazon. This is incredibly good value.


Really inspirational case studies. You can find it at http: We are working hard with Amazon to filter those reviews our of our listings. The biggest trouble has been trying to outsource website design work.

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You are commenting using your Facebook account. I also have a doctoral degree in health education so I have a good knowledge base to work with.

We could focus on selling and marketing instead of fulfilling. I also talk about sourcing products etc….

Engineering a “Muse” – Volume 3: Case Studies of Successful Cash-Flow Businesses

I enjoy reading this posts to see what niches people are creatively attacking. Rob, this is your best post yet! Outside of Facebook, Twitter, and smartphones, people are not really that interested in technology.

Right then I found my muse. I am still plugging away with my books, earning money each month for the two of them. Great post, would love to see more like this for inspiration!

4hww muse case study