From the first movie – the basketball team’s shirt message for the Drama Club. I love it when you speak German. Gabriella slips upon a spilled container of milk, and her nachos go flying Get Known if you don’t have an account. Plus, Ryan in particular.

After Gabriella laments that she can’t have people staring at her due the callbacks, everyone starts singing again: Instead of being surprised by it, Troy is surprisingly excited about it and asks what it is that Zeke’s going to be baking. Gabriella then tries to clean it off repeatedly apologizing, and Taylor just picks her up and walks off in a “Don’t. And Ryan’s attempts to read it thinking it’s all one big word. The music video of it, played during commercials at the time, only increases the funny factor. Au revoir, mon ami. Hip hop is my passion!

Is that even legal?

You need to login to do this. In any case, the sketch gave me a newfound respect for Zac Efron, who might be the biggest badass on the planet right now. The end of “Stick to the Status Quo”.

Zac Efron’s ‘High School Musical’ parody was the hit of ‘SNL’!

I play the cello! In the first film, Chad wears a shirt proclaiming ” I come with my own background music. The part of the Spring Musical medley where Rocketman comes out on stage when Sharpay gets to his part and he comes out in the most ridiculous getup he could cobble together and starts singing with her.


I love to pop and lock and jam and break!

Au revoir, mon ami. Troy reprised by Zac Efron returns to give a graduation speech that brutally deconstructs the premise of the movies. I love it when you speak German.

Zac Efron's 'High School Musical' parody was the hit of 'SNL'! – Screener

Many scenes between Sharpay and Ryan. When Chad tries to get Troy to see how his wanting to sing has making the whole school go crazy and he uses Zeke baking as an example. With a loud scream.

The look on Troy’s face throughout the entire thing is just hilarious. Dude, I gradjation think we have the choice. What did you think of Zac’s send-up of “High School Musical”? They get a couple lines of dialogue about it, until Chad interrupts them. Troy and Sharpay’s rehearsal of “You’re the Music in Me”. The boys initial lines towards going to the proms in contrast to the girls.

zac efron graduation speech snl

Miss Darbus calls this performance, “very disturbing”, and advises the weird kids to see the counselor. Moves his hand back and forth Mongo: Troy loudly and proudly proclaiming the exclamation point that he has on his shirt. And is Disney ever going to employ him again? It’s the night of our Nightmare Girls: The lyrics are serious but Troy’s actions while singing them are not. I just hope for his career’s sake that “17 Again” is a runaway hit, because I’m not so sure Disney’s going to efgon to hire him again.


Oooh I love it Ryan: I looked like a waiter!

Did Zac Efron Ruin His Career At Disney Forever? – MTV

It’s a dramatic and angst-ridden solo dance number about facing up to your mistakes and confronting the problems in life, taking place entirely on a luxury golf course. Sharpay, I know I promised you I would do this and all but effon easy on me? The facial expressions during that scene. Check out the sketch after the jump!

I’m kinda new to the whole performing thing. Things went from playful to shockingly vicious when a recently thawed Walt Disney arrived to tell Troy he could stay at East High forever, in between making efro digs at Lindsay Lohan and uttering anti-Semitic remarks.

Instead of being surprised by it, Troy is surprisingly excited about it and asks what it is that Zeke’s going to be baking.

zac efron graduation speech snl

It features both of them fighting and waltzing together.