Percent of total sales: Dubai has so many yo successful burger restaurants already and the market is clamoring for more. At first it was difficult to get a visa to go to Saudi Arabia as a young unmarried woman; Walid had to help me get that settled. Indeed, rising global coffee prices had been driving down profit margins even further over the past few years see Exhibit 2. No Ahmed Saeed Supply Chain Manager Joined Cravia in as an accountant and was eventually promoted to head the supply chain logistics and warehouse operations. We will finance the major expenses with debt, but we cannot over-leverage the company. Not a member yet?

It will be a big success! When Shake Shack [a popular American burger chain started in New York City in ] opened its first location in Dubai in , there were lines out the door for weeks. Most companies imported workers from abroad, paid for their travel expenses, and housed them in dormitories on the outskirts of the city. Building a Brand from Scratch In , Cravia opened its first new concept chain that it had developed on its own. It has been a challenge trying to rethink our marketing for the Saudi Arabian customer. Walid added that as his children were getting older and approaching the age when they would enter school, he wanted them to have a more Western education without the need to send them to a boarding school outside of Saudi Arabia.

HBS cases are developed solely as the basis for class discussion. Meanwhile, Walid and his brothers had inherited the family business. Capital was easy to access in Dubai; most of the largest global banks had major offices in the city, many in the Dubai International Financial Center, another free trade zone geared towards financial firms.

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Travel planing to Choose City. Launching High Growth Ventures in the Middle East t os Internet was widely accessible, a subway system was in the final stages of construction and had been mostly operational sinceand buildings were air conditioned to combat the sizzling Gulf sun.


Were his expansion plans too risky for a business with margins zaaar pressure?

Sunday is the first day of the work week in UAE. Adapted by casewriters from company documents.

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Walid took over as CEO, making major decisions with his brothers. A key challenge for Five Guys would be supply chain management.

Success msg comes zaatzr. The Saudi government was preventing new foreign workers from entering the country at the time in order to improve the zzaatar unemployment figures. But it was still largely undeveloped in the early s, with electricity only coming to the country in and widespread rP access to running water in I think it could be a challenge to find quality staff for our next few restaurants. Cravia opened its first ZwZ in late on Sheikh Zayed Road, a main highway through the heart of Dubai, directly across the street from the still under-construction Dubai Mall.

Zaatar w Zeit

It will be a big success! Zaatar w Zeit restaurant started as a self-operating business in Lebanon and has expanded through more branches in Lebanon and with franchisees abroad. To get out of the house and put her business skills to use, Maha opened a party supplies store in the early s.

Launching High Growth Ventures in the Middle East t os time, he saw an opportunity and he felt that he owed it to himself and to his family to try to take advantage of it.

The same items that are the best-sellers in Dubai are the best-sellers in Riyadh, we just sell more of them in Saudi Arabia.

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Violent crime was almost nonexistent, with only 13 reported homicides in They also have international operations in a number of countries in the Middle East. Know about us Work with us Advertise with us Partner with us Contact us. The man who owned the franchise rights to Saudi Arabia also owned the rights for the UAE, a very small market at the time, but there were signs of growth.


Dubai had a history of yo offering tax free ports to attract traders and the business they brought with them, and the Sheikhs of the 20th century continued that practice. Although adding the delivery option involved building up a call center and a cadre of delivery drivers, Harb and Walid felt the investment was worth the cost.

Doing Business in Dubai Dubai was considered businesz be one of the easiest places in the world in which to do business in ; tC the UAE was listed as the 23rd easiest country to do business in,7 and Dubai was considered by many to be easier than other emirates. The UAE restaurant operations were set up as a new branch of the family company called Cravia. It was reviewed and approved before publication by a company designate.

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The company began back in selling Lebanese dough food such as manakish. Major sectors included financial services, tourism, real estate, and hospitality. Individuals needed proof of employment to get a four-year yo worker visa, which could be renewed as long as the employment lasted.

zaatar w zeit business plan

Could the company handle the debt burden? Articles Organise and Manage your trip well. Click here to sign up. In such a scenario, there is just one name that comes to the top of the mind and that is the Zaatar W Zeit — a restaurant that thankfully stays open zfit into the wee hours of the night, serving up fresh, hot, and healthy food.