And I think it would be easier for them, honestly, it is so much easier to do any arithmetic in your head if we think that way. That was followed by more than 50 comments and then picked up for discussion on the Linux Today blog and All About Linux. The last representable microsecond will be some time in , and the last representable second won’t be for another million years or so. I think we will found a perfect solution before that. Your clock sync daemon has to fix your clock before the certs will be accepted as valid.

Sources Year problem. A 32 bit signed integer can have a maximum positive value representing seconds since January 1, , translated into time, of , This method of notation has the great advantage that when you’re looking at a drawing that’s been through a few generations of photocopying you never have to wonder “is that a decimal point or a speck on the copy machine’s glass”. Strange thing is, Kylin later became known to use the Linux kernel with a Ubuntu influence. In my view, this problem is one of a larger category of problems that relate to the link between hardware, software, and real life for computers.

I’m sure GCC et all have made similar changes by now, so provided the software is in maintenance, resesrch developers are using a reasonably up to date compiler and aren’t hardcoding casts to 32 bit values as I found in one client codebase a while ago the probem should not arise. There are paperr reasons why it doesn’t get much press coverage now: The Long Now Foundation uses five-digit dates like in their work.

Researcch think how embarassing that wouldbe for all those people that have been working so hard for reseaech long to convince us that the metric system is inherently better because the math is easier. Mobile devices that go in the trash every 2 years. Up vote for the Deepness reference! I wouldn’t expect many applications to call the actual syscalls directly – most will defer to libc or some other layer of abstraction, where these differences can be hidden away.


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The only codebase I’ve checked personally can’t handle Y10K, so there should be plenty of business: Ppaper I cannot I resort to ports. I know, it’s not as exciting — but it would be a lot cheaper and easier. But software that does not emulate decimal calculations, but rather simply converts the number to binary, does the calculation, and converts the result back to decimal, may give you: Now if your clock is wrong you can’t even load anything in a web browser.

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The Year 2038 Bug – Y2K38 Problem – Many of your applications will crash

Y2K38 is coming, and as of Saturday, the year countdown has already begun! I did something similar in as a Y2K consultant.

y2k38 research paper

How is it possible to upgrade our solutions and applications to deal against the problem? On Linux, you can run this from a command line like this: The only fix that we had was to set the clock back to a year where the pwper matched the days as the system was obsolete and there was no more operating system support to fix the problem.

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Smart programmers saw this and papwr their bag of tricks. But they can break the ABI because they do not want to maintain compatibility with old proprietary binaries.


Start too early and you’ll sound like an end of the world preacher. Razengan on Mar 21, You may need to change the line above to reflect the location of your Perl binary e.

y2k38 research paper

Now you’re just pulling my chain. According to this, the latest time that it can store is As you’ve highlighted, wasting memory like that is a costly proposition, and it would’ve been an easy black mark when compared against a competing system that “uses less memory”.

Well, see you in when this millenium is through with it’s beta testing. Not rewearch mention having to implement and debug this logic in assembly on a teletype vs using a native instruction. The owner of that business is proud of how long he’s made his IT investment last; his main concern is that dirt-cheap second-hand replacements that can run 98 are apparently getting harder to find.

Generally, the bigger and older the company is, the more unmaintained cruft you have. And that’s for each instance of the type in memory.

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Lee Humphries 6-May Single graybeard devs aren’t going to be paid to fix that. As I was putting it back together I noticed that the back cover bore a sticker certifying that it was Y2K compliant. Spooky23 on Mar 21, Be careful about your definition of absurd.

y2k38 research paper

About the old Y2K hysteria: