What universal ideas about life and society does the author convey in this essay? What effect do you think it has on “them,” that the first things they see are the smoggy haze, the mess of streets, and the tract houses? The comparison that Lyer used in the passage was located in the first paragraph were he said ” They come out , blinking, into the bleached forgetful sunshine, with dodgers caps and rodeo drive t-shirts”. He was an immigrant when he arrived here and how the experience is still the same for others who arrive at LAX today. Your perspective on Lyer’s juxtaposition is quite accurately described. This person has ideas of palm trees and blue skies and ocean views, something different from the land they come from, which, Iyer describes, has things like “military planes” and “khaki soldiers in fatigues.

Iyer’s implied opinion of te LA International Airport decribes the unity and meeting of numerous cutures and people all comnnectd by a single action they share amonst their daily lives. This site uses cookies. Newer Post Older Post Home. I agree with you and good job using evidence from the text. The comparison between two different images maybe between the part when he describes all the different types of people going with the same group. However, I respectfully disagree with your opinion on the theme.

I understand where you are coming from.

where worlds collide pico iyer essay summary

Doesn’t that imply that they came for similar reasons? I completely agree with you because in the third person point of view, he is not only talking about one specific ethnicity but grouping them all so that it is easier for the reader eseay understand and see themselves as the traveler.

where worlds collide pico iyer essay summary

Discussion assignments will be posted on this forum. I agree with you because the author never mentions the narrator and is always talking in a third person perspective.


As well as signs, the buses that wait outside of the iydr also come in different languages. Also, don’t forget to respond to the second half of the question: I liked how you used evidence from the text to support your answer.

Colliding Worlds – ENGLISH II – 10th Grade – RM

Or, the writer may use several parallel themes. The travelers expectations do not necessarily match up to reality. Los Angeles is often portrayed as the location where dreams come true and people strive for success. How well collidw it serve this purpose?

By this he gains understanding of how the world collides leading all the cultures and people to one place for different reasons.

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. He also might have used juxtaposition to show the eorlds nature of the city. By using a third-person point of view, he depicts the travelers in contrast to their surroundings.

In addition, by showing varying levels of wealth in the type of car, it also shows the type of jobs and people that were in Los Angeles.

Where Worlds Collide- Questions

I fully agree to your comment, when people expect a full bag of chips but instead they only half a bag of chips and the other half, full of air.

You are commenting using your WordPress. I agree with you because arriving people would have different experiences so changing the point of view would change the meaning. You are commenting using your Google account. I agree with you Cesar, since it is their imagination that gets the best of their expectations.

I agree with you Nancy many people expect to see everything better. He enjoyed everything that surrounded him and he pointed each one out. They’re not sure what to expect.


where worlds collide pico iyer essay summary

A text can contain more than one theme. These people came in with their mind set that America was this great place. However, they are actually met with more freedom than they are used.

Where worlds collide

He elaborated on a location that he was familiar with, and through his experiences he was able to interpret the discreet physical cues that immigrants give upon their arrival.

I think that the travelers expectations are different from what reality was because throughout the passage there was a lot going on there cpllide well as overpriced food and busy lines. That to me meant that there were so many things that the city has to offer. I agree with you and good job using evidence from the text. In “Where Worlds Collide”, the “they” that Iyer refers to in the opening line are the people of different races and cultures that have just arrived at the “Promised land”.

The travelers were expecting as soon as they got a new country it was going to be a great place that they were going to enjoy and connect with. I agree with this comment because i believe that a persons first expectation of traveling will eummary enjoyable and relaxing. Refer to the scoring rubric below when crafting your response. He says that lots of people have to get a part time job while they are trying to make their dreams come true, to save money.