In the assessment of elderly patients the waterlow had ninety eight percent sensitivity, and fourteen percent specificity. The Risk of Risk Assessment: Waterlow risk assessment essay Waterlow risk assessment essay my hobbies essay words number words for essays tum nawi essay sessay fishing license. All this shows massive inconsistence when it comes to sensitivity and specificity. To minimize the risk of error, a research assistant with the same level of knowledge and experience participated with the researcher. J Wound Care 3 3: On validity, Thompson

Risk management and the identification and analysis of risk rodrigo December 18, No incidence studies were found for nursing homes. Waterlow assessment tool essay writer Prolonged chair sitting is impUcated with greater risk of pressure ulcer development Gebhardt and BUss Sometimes the injury occurs as a result of prolonged pressure or pressure in combination with shear. Unusual college application essay historical research paper abstract apa kontextualisieren beispiel essay word essay on respect for teacher essay eye donation Despite this weakness on the part of the Waterlow it still is the most popular scale in UK. To explore correlations between peak pressure and pressure gradient at 1. They are scored from 1 to 4 depending on the severity of the condition except for friction and shear which is scored 1 to 3.

There is an also ethical issue that arises in testing because it is not possible to have a sample of patients who are at risk who are not receiving intervention, which may have an effect on specificity Deeks, Need essay sample on The Waterlow Assessment Essay?

Waterlow assessment tool essay writer

Relatively few of the current claims relate to pressure damage and in the UK the mean value of settlements in these cases is relatively low compared to other countries like the United States of America typically less than ten thousand pounds. As Mr Jones had late undergone major surgery to his left azsessment three hebdomads ago he scored five.

waterlow assessment tool essay

Management of pressure ulcers. Despite the plethora of risk-assessment tools The total scores achieved within each factor are summed to derive the Waterlow score, with higher scores believed to mark greater vulnerability. Reliability is also affected by responses given by the patient, for example a patient maybe embarrassed to express continence issues NHS and give false answers.


waterlow assessment tool essay

This leads to planning and implementation of control measures which may be physical, clinical, financial or cultural. An evaluation of the Waterlow pressure ulcer risk-assessment tool.

Assessment Of Pressure Ulcers And Reliability Of Risk

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Today, more than 40 so-called pressure ulcer risk assessment Simpson et al This includes extrinsic factors that are not listed in the tool, for example the length of time an individual stays in one position for and whether or not they are able to reposition themselves and recognise when they need to do so Guy The total score is then added up with a range which can go from 6 to Chaloner et al With several assessment tools out there, there is need to identify a tool that is able to measure what it is supposed to measure and more accurately.

This shows that the Waterlow performs well in this group of patients.

They are areas of localised damage to the skin, which assessmennt extend to underlying structures such as muscle and bone. This essay incorporates three major aspects with waterlow, Discuss risk management and the things put in place to prevent risk, i. The lower the score, the higher the risk of developing a pressure ulcer.

Waterlow Assessment Tool Essay Writer

It does get backing from the Agency for Health and Research which recommended it for use in predicting pressure sore development in hospital and nursing homes in the United States of America. Any use of the form in publications other than internal policy manuals Journal of Advanced Nursing.


This is considered best practice. Initial risk assessment was encouraged using clinical judgement to waterow early assessment in the emergency admitting areas. The Waterlow is applicable to Mr Assfssment due to his immobility status, as stated by Lareau and Sawyer if a patient is restricted to bed rest as part of the management for a hip fracture they are at higher risk of further complications due to immobilisation, these complications include pressure sores.

It also encourages them to improve on mandatory and voluntary toll improve on governance; encourage stakeholder confidence and trust; enhance strategic planning; minimize financial, environmental and safety losses; and improve on organizational resilience and performance. The low sensitivity in this study may be attributed to the fact that it was based on patients who were admitted for an elective surgery and the Norton scores were taken on admission to predict pressure ulcers and the post operative data was not sufficient to come up with a sensible conclusion.

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Risk management encourages organizations to rely on proactive management to promote high quality care; deal effectively with opportunities and threats; comply with regulatory requirements. The rationale for trying to identify those that are at risk of pressure ulcers is that it is cost effective to prevent pressure ulcers than to cure them.

waterlow assessment tool essay

Any opinions, findings The tool was developed in by clinical nurse teacher Judy Waterlow The reverse side of the Waterlow score lists examples of preventive aids and interventions. Profitability wayerlow the soft-drink industry Biodiversity and Ecosystem. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! This category is sometimes confused with tape burns, incontinence associated dermatitis, maceration or excoriation.