This is where you demonstrate you know what the job involves. Everyone socialises with friends. MPs will appreciate someone who has been proactive and organised enough to work while at university, but it is up to you not to let this swamp your application. One page is even better. MPs prefer to employ people who already know something about how their offices are run and what is required of their staff. Our stats tell us that this guide is continuing to get a large number of hits every week.

Brevity is the soul of wit, and of much else as well. Everyone knows that competition for parliamentary jobs is fierce. Everything on your application should be there because it is adding something. Why you want to work for that particular MP: A key lesson when writing your cover letter is that you must always talk about the MP in your cover letter, and why you are interested in their work and what you could bring to it.

Of the people who did not mention it, 23 were offered interviews. Excessive emphasis on own needs Some people placed far too much emphasis on what the job could do for them, rather than what they could do for the job. Every industry has recognised personal qualities it looks for in its employees, and politics is no different.

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By No machine-readable author provided. Use an appropriate typeface. It will be an important skill in the job to pick out and present relevant information in a concise way, often condensing complex subjects into one or two pages.

An experienced constituency caseworker with sound political judgement and experience of grassroots local campaigning.


Parliamentary CV Scheme feedback: Application advice from staff – w4mp

It is not a hobby. Lay your letter out nicely and make it neat and pretty. Examples of successful mention include: But when is an interest an interest? The most successful applicants will have a few months of work experience for an MP.

Leave spaces between your paragraphs. Telephone Conservative Central Office on What the MP wants to know is that you know what a researcher or caseworker does and that you can demonstrate that you can do it. Here is the ad: A busy MP or Staffer with CVs to look at will make a very rapid decision whether they wish to take your application further.

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If you did a well-rounded internship, why not split this experience into sections, e. They will be more inclined to offer you a position if you have a real link with their constituency and are aware of their political interests. Be specific and try to be a bit different — everyone, by the way, enjoys swimming! Many CVs use the same space talking about their lifeguarding duties during the summer of as they do their recent 3 month internship in Westminster.

Creating a Winning CV & Cover Letter

In real life, it should either be to the MP or, if you are really not sure, you should call the office to check. More specifically, the key issue is whether you have ever worked, in a voluntary or paid capacity, for an MP. Needless to say or so we thoughtavoid talking about your social life: Graduates spent the whole letter saying how good they were at attention to detail and what perfectionists they were, and then failed lether get this right. If you can, turning your documents into PDFs is great because it keeps them looking exactly as you want them and gets rid of any traces of formatting, etc.


Too many CVs list educational experience before work experience, and some even do this in chronological order, so that the first thing the MP sees is your GCSE results.

If they like the look of your CV, only then will they flick through your letter. You can do it. You might mention how you got involved, what policies attracted you, what you think the party can offer the country. Or, more commonly, why not.

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A huge number of the applicants talked about skills more relevant to the Parliamentary Assistant position, like political awareness, research and media skills which would NOT be needed in most caseworker positions. I truly realised that it was a duty to make an individual effort to understand and better the world we live in, and leave it, as far as possible, lstter little more just.

w4mp cover letter

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What ideas would you like to pursue?