If you can still submit work within 24 hours of the deadline then you could use the hour window. Permit the mark from a resit or retake to be uncapped unless previously capped , as defined in the glossary of terms. You are strongly advised to continue to plan to submit by the published deadline. You can contact an Information Point who will put you in touch with specialist support and advice, or you can find out more about how we can help below. This shouldn’t happen if you submit an application for an acceptable reason with independent evidence corresponding to the period affected and you haven’t attempted the assessment. Please be aware that until you are advised of the decision, the original deadline is the one towards which you should be working.

It may be that they have already informed you of what you need to do, or it may be posted in Blackboard. If you have a question which is not answered above then please contact an Information Point for further guidance. Will I need to pay more fees? Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about assessments. What are acceptable reasons for making an application?

uwe coursework extension

Stress fxtension a normal state of mental or emotional tension arising from demanding circumstances. View the guidance for using Blackboard. You may be able to claim five extra working days to complete your coursework without a marks penalty if you meet certain criteria, including bereavement, serious personal accident or injury or being a victim of crime.

You can view the Field Board dates on the academic year calendar.

What’s the deadline for submitting coursework? You cannot have more than one five working day extension granted for the same piece of work. Support processes for assessments If you are unable to submit work or extsnsion an assessment please see our support processes for assessments information.

Personal circumstances – UWE Bristol: Academic advice

Reasonable adjustments could give you more time to complete your work if you meet the criteria, including disability or medical condition, pregnancy and maternity, or if you are a primary carer. If you are unsure of any of the module details you will able to find them on myUWE login required or by using the UWE Bristol Module information search.


Because your work will be submitted after the original deadline, you will not receive your mark until after the rest of your cohort. This site uses cookies. You’ll receive an email from an Information Point.

Reasonable adjustments

This process can potentially support you in the following ways if your application is accepted: If you confirm that you have but your extension request is not accepted you will be marked on the last submission you make on Blackboard whether this is by the original deadline or within the hour window. This site uses cookies. Submission via Blackboard If your assessment is due to be submitted via Blackboard please check the email you receive from us very carefully.

If your exfension is not accepted you use be expected to submit your work by the original deadline or within the hour window.

If you submitted a hard copy of your coursework, you will be sent an email advising you when your coursework is ready for collection. Please note that you will need to meet the eligibility criteria set out on the form. If the module requires that you submit multiple copies of the work eg ciursework copies of a project or dissertationplease ensure that you do submit all of the required number of copies.

Support with your application You can get advice about whether a five working day extension may be the right option for you from a Student Support Adviser.

You may use the missed assessments process if you don’t submit an assignment or don’t attend an examination or other controlled conditions assessment such as a presentation due to the impact of your personal circumstances formerly known as extenuating circumstances.


This will uwwe out the decision and any further actions. If you feel your performance in practice is being affected by personal difficulties then you need to consider if you’re able to continue with the placement. If there is a temporary loss of access to online coursework submission caused by a critical systems failure, the University may decide to take the following action:.

Assessments – frequently asked questions

Normally you should get marks and feedback within 20 working days excluding university closure days following the deadline for submission of the assessment. You should courwework your circumstances as fully and clearly as you can and include the dates of all relevant events. If a module has two components the overall mark is calculated from the weighted average of both components. You must also be able to provide evidence that shows you have been affected for the specific period associated with your original deadline.

Please read the options carefully as each has different requirements. No marks can be carried over from one attempt to the next, even if a missed assessments or exceptional removal of marks application has been accepted.

uwe coursework extension

Once ready, your mark will be available in your myUWE account but you may find you are showing as a non-submission ‘NS’ until this time. The date and time of your submission is taken from the Blackboard server and uew recorded when your submission is complete, not when you click submit. What is covered by the term “coursework”?

The extenuating circumstances processes are now called personal circumstances.

uwe coursework extension

In person to room 2B24 or via the general submission box in A block Gloucester Campus students: