The reservation must be approved by the graduate advisor and the Academic Dean. Enrollment Requirements Registration in an independent study, research, or similar course implies an expected level of effort on the part of the student that is at least equivalent to that of an organized course of the same credit value. However, courses in which grades of D or F are earned will affect a student’s grade-point average. All completed course units and module grades to be included in the degree must be in the register. Unattested, notarized or fax copies of U. Applicants who have not received an admission notification one week prior to the beginning of classes for the semester for which admission is sought should contact the Graduate Admissions Office for information concerning the status of their application.

All work submitted for transfer credit must have been completed no more than six years before completion of a graduate program at UT Arlington. Special non-degree students and graduate certificates may not hold graduate assistantships or enroll in research, thesis, internship or dissertation courses. The thesis must be approved by the thesis advisor and by a supervising committee of three or more members appointed by the Academic Dean. Foreign Language Requirement Prior to scheduling the doctoral comprehensive examination, the University requires evidence that the student has a reading knowledge of one foreign language applicable to the student’s field of study or has attained proficiency in a research-tool area such as computer sciences or experimental statistics.. Enrollment Requirement A thesis degree plan student must be enrolled in the appropriate thesis course in the term in which the thesis is defended. Survey of Earned Doctorates PhD students only.

Master’s Degree Requirements Degree requirements and academic performance standards given in this section are the minimum required.

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Questioning of the candidate will be directed by the student’s dissertation supervising committee. All work submitted for transfer credit must have been completed no more than six years before completion of a graduate program at UT Arlington. Admitted students going on to complete all program requirements successfully will be automatically admissible to the associated master’s program when they receive their bachelor’s degree.

Students who score a 6 in some skills but not others may be eligible to concurrently enroll in academic and GESP courses with advisor approval. Graduation ceremony 14 December A joint graduation ceremony for all faculties is arranged twice a year.


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Mechanical Check The format of all theses must be reviewed and approved by the Library before the theses will be accepted as satisfying the thesis requirement of the Master’s degree.

Dual Degrees Students may pursue dual degree programs other than those specifically defined in the catalog with prior approval of the appropriate Committees on Graduate Studies and the Academic Dean. Pluses and minuses, graduate courses, and personal improvement courses such as physical education are not included in these calculations.

Academic Counselling and Guidance at the University. Departmental, Program and College Program Manuals for Students Many departments and programs issue program manuals, procedures and policy manuals, graduate student handbooks, and other informational publications for students and faculty in graduate programs.

Thesis & Dissertation Information

Students must take the appropriate GESP courses for all skills in which they score a 4 or 5. The application and following required credentials should be submitted preferably days prior to the date of expected enrollment: Graduation ceremony The graduation ceremony is optional, and no diplomas are handed to the graduates during the ceremony.

All programs, except those in Education and Public Administration, offer the thesis degree plan. For more detailed information regarding graduation in the spring termplease see the page Important dates in the spring of ! The committee will consist of no fewer than 3 voting members, at least two of whom must be from the student’s major area.

Students pursuing a doctoral degree must have the format of the dissertation manuscript approved by the UTA Library before the degree can diswertation conferred. Applicants denied admission uya ask the Graduate Advisor in the program to which they applied about the reasons for the denial. In practice, this grade-point average is based on approximately the last 60 semester hours or the equivalent in quarter hours 90 quarter hours shown on an applicant’s bachelor’s degree transcript.

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Institutions The grade-point average for admission to graduate school at The University of Texas at Arlington is calculated according to Texas law and the policies and procedures of Graduate Admissions.

Official notification of the admission decision is issued by the Graduate Admissions Office and is sent by Graduate Feadline directly to the applicant.


Application materials become property of The University of Texas at Arlington and cannot be returned. An official original “issued to student” transcript on safety paper with the official university seal and signature of the university’s Registrar may upon Graduate Admissions review, be acceptable.

A student returning from an Approved Leave of Absence as scheduled will be automatically readmitted and will not be required to submit an application or pay an application fee. To be admitted to a doctoral program, an applicant must have completed a master’s degree or at least 30 semester credit hours of graduate coursework.

Relevant experience, commitment to the field of planned study, multilingual proficiency, and socioeconomic background to the extent that it can be identified may also enter into these decisions. Equivalent coursework completed at other institutions of recognized standing may be transferred to a certificate program after evaluation and approval.

uta dissertation deadline

If you are an international student, please contact Graduate Admissions before submitting an application so that eligibility to apply as a special non-degree seeking or graduate certificate student can be determined. The application and following required credentials should be submitted preferably 90 days prior to the date of expected enrollment: Transfer Credit and Course Waivers Transfer Credit Applied to Master’s Degrees Equivalent coursework completed at other institutions of recognized standing may deadlin transferred to a master’s degree deafline after evaluation and approval.

Students typically enroll in these courses defend and apply for graduation in the same term. The applicant will be sent an Admission Deferral Notice specifying the data that must be provided or the work that must be completed before the application will be reconsidered. Students who qualify for facilitated admission will be admitted directly to graduate school without completing the application for admission, submitting an application evaluation charge or taking the GRE or GMAT.

Students who are dismissed from either program are no longer considered to be in a dual degree program. The committee is responsible for design and direction of the student’s program.