Programs for the master’s degree must be completed within six years time in military service excluded from initial registration in a graduate degree program. All degree seeking graduate students must meet residency goals reflecting scholarly engagement and immersion in research, scholarship, creative work and professional development in his or her degree program. If you wish to receive your master’s degree certificate by the time of the graduation ceremony, please submit your certificate application no later than 3 December Transferred courses do not appear on the UT Arlington Official Transcript and grades earned in transferred courses are not included in calculating a student’s UT Arlington graduate grade-point average. Graduation ceremony The graduation ceremony is optional, and no diplomas are handed to the graduates during the ceremony. As the admission process is competitive, students meeting basic admission requirements who are less well qualified than other applicants may also be denied admission. Diagnostic Evaluation During the student’s first year of doctoral program work the student must demonstrate potential to successfully complete a degree program.

Students who qualify for facilitated admission will be admitted directly to graduate school without completing the application for admission, submitting an application evaluation charge or taking the GRE or GMAT. For a student withdrawing due to deployment in a combative operation outside the United States readmission will be granted upon request, the readmission fee waived, previously submitted standardized test scores will remain acceptable and credit toward for any work previously completed applied. Electronic Services and Web Tools for Students. Up to 12 graduate level and above semester credit hours earned as a special non-degree seeking student may be applied to a graduate degree program, subject to graduate grading practices. Official foreign country transcripts or marksheets and diplomas are those bearing the original seal of the institution and the original signature of the Registrar or responsible head of the institution. Graduation in the autumn Here are the deadlines if you intend to graduate in the autumn semester Review and approval of the appropriate Committee on Graduate Studies and the approval of Graduate Admissions are required.

In cases in which an applicant’s transcript shows repeated courses, the grade-point calculation includes all grades earned in those courses. Faculties and degree programmes may have their own deadlines regarding graduation. More detailed information will be available later. These publications may provide detailed and useful information; however, they are not statements of official policy of the University of Texas at Arlington nor of the University of Texas System.


All applications for must be submitted via NettiOpsu by 26 December The application and following required credentials should be submitted preferably days prior to the date of expected enrollment: Credit by examination may not be used for graduate credit and no such credit, graduate or undergraduate may appear on graduate student transcripts.

Complete and satisfactory credentials must be received by the Graduate Admissions Office before the end of the semester in which the student has registered in a provisional status.

Questioning of the candidate will be directed by the student’s thesis supervising committee.

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Credit for Repeated Courses A student may repeat a course only if deafline course is specifically designated in this catalog as one that can be repeated for credit.

All master’s students in the thesis option must be aware of requirements, components and deadlines associated with the thesis, final defense, and submission of the thesis to the Library.

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The thesis must be approved by the thesis advisor and by a supervising committee of three or more members appointed by the Academic Dean. Any external, non-voting members must be in addition to the required number of voting members. Thesis and dissertation documents must be written in the format approved by your committee and committee chair.

If you are an international student, please contact Graduate Admissions before submitting an application so that eligibility to apply as a special non-degree seeking or graduate certificate student can be determined. Members of the immediate family are welcome to attend the ceremony. An additional grade-point average is calculated for an applicant awarded or completing a master’s or doctoral degree at the time application to UTA is made.

Intellectual Property Statement Form. Faculty of Communication Sciences.

The student must submit to the graduate advisor a “Reservation of Courses for Graduate Credit by Undergraduate Students” form available from graduate advisors. An application evaluation charge is required with each readmission application form submitted.


University of Texas Arlington. Not all graduate programs participate in dual degrees. Invitations for the guests are sent later, so remember to include the utz to which the invitations will be sent in the email.

After the dissertation has been through the required mechanical check process and has been deavline by the student’s committee and the Library, the final copy of the dissertation must be submitted via the University’s electronic submission process.

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Students who qualify for facilitated admission will be admitted directly to graduate school without completing the application for admission, submitting an application evaluation charge or taking the GRE or GMAT. Satisfying these general requirements and standards, however, does not imply that all degree and program requirements have been met. Students wishing to change from one program to a dual degree program must complete the “Change of Program or Degree Level” form online.

uta dissertation deadline

Exchange Programmes and Networks. A final program examination is required for all master’s degree candidates.

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An applicant who meets all requirements is normally considered for unconditional admission. Special non-degree seeking student admission status is granted for the semester for which the application is submitted.

The thesis must be approved unanimously by the student’s thesis supervising committee and by the Academic Dean.

uta dissertation deadline

The dissertation must be approved unanimously by the student’s dissertation supervising committee and by the Academic Dean. All members of the student’s committee must be present at the defense. Admission to and enrollment in the programs for a dual degree must be concurrent.

Those not issued in English must be accompanied by an exact word for word original English translation bearing the original university or translation agency attestation.