Or maybe your Thesis is broken and you want a framework you can count on. At least I backed up everything just in case! Thesis is very incompatible. I am sticking with Thesis 1. After doing some poking around it seems at present the only option people have is to either upgrade their Thesis themes to 2. And you adjusted the Permissions. Are you just getting started blogging or establishing your web presence?

The GUID for the partition type. This is the method I perform the update and it seems to work pretty good. I wil use it on my current blog in near future. Its great when software gets updated. So much for the product and so much for customer care. I was sold on the responsive theme options.

I know I never liked it. We are loving the new Genesis theme you designed for us, and can attest that this package is a fabulous value. Read more about me here. If you go into your column widths and change them — surprise!

Skip the Thesis 2 WordPress Theme/Framework

List of Changes with WordPress 3. You can get the full list here — its a TON of updates so have fun reading.

Is priced with the budget conscious business owner in mind. I do love Thesis but updating I have realized after writing this is a major pain in the butt. Our theais has been working hard to ensure Thesis has the best WordPress Multisite integration in the business, and many of the changes in 1. I would advise anyone considering this product to look elsewhere or wait until proper documentation is provided by the creators of this product. By Upgradf Glover on January 24th, 17 comments.


upgrade thesis 1.8.5 to 2.0

Then the new, completely revised Thesis update sent me over the edge. Find me on one of the Social Media buttons below.

How to Upgrade Your Blog to Thesis 2.0 or Installing Thesis 2 for the first time [Solution]

This is an old article which was relevant during its time of writing. Wendi and I have just created a brand new package for site conversions such as this. If there is any problem revert back to the old version and wait for official solution from Diythemes. First of all we have to extent the partition. I share my passion for gaming, technology, and WordPress.

Or you can manually go into the Thesis options and tweak the settings by hand. Subscribe without commenting E-Mail: No doubt Mike knows exactly what he is talking upgrwde, all due respect, but it makes me sigh with despair to contemplate cluttering my mind with a firm understanding of what the Windows Installer is doing.


When the documentation is available than you will know how to run thesis 2.

upgrade thesis 1.8.5 to 2.0

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Sign up and never miss another post! In Bayesian inference — example: But you might want to test this upgradw you perform the update.

Skip the Thesis 2 WordPress Theme/Framework

Many of its behaviors are just stupid. I wil use it on my current blog in near future.

upgrade thesis 1.8.5 to 2.0

I recommend not to upgrade your current blog especially in situation like this, where the offical tutorial is really needed in order for the things to go smoothly.

Its great when software gets updated. Last updated December 10th, The list under Section 2 above is not intended to be a comprehensive list, 8 Trust: Make sure to do a FULL backup of everything. How can i insert my codes in this version and where? Unsophisticated users could get a pretty nice site with the regular Thesis options, and advanced users could change nearly everything using the custom files and chunks of code.