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Philosophy of education as a means of good life: Clearly identify some of the salient economic and social problems that affect the development of science and technology in Nigeria. Philosophy and Human Existence, University of Uyo. Hence, an evaluation of its impact positive or negative on the development of the nation is necessary. It is known that development in any society begins with its human elements which in turn develop the material resources. This examined philosophy of education as a tool in the development of the nation from the perspective of man’s capacity to think more critically and reflectively.

The Relevance of Philosophy of Education. Philosophy of education is a means of good life, when it gives direction. Philosophy of education broadens the mind by enabling it to understand different ways of viewing things in the order of human existence. temr


Law Slot II 9: Philosophy and Human Existence, University of Uyo. Political education and Democratic sustenance in Nigeria.

This goes a long way in developing your self confidence. An examination of the relationship between philosophy and human existence. Certainly, this is achievable only when people are educated according to their talents and natural potentials in the society.


Development of man’s thinking capacity: Yes there is a free space pqper. It makes him understand the rationale for accepting certain ideas in life and why he ought to accept them in the first place. Discuss the relationship between metaphysics and physics. Communication Arts Slot I 7: Metaphysics according to Basil is basically the philosophical study of being and knowing.

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Philosophy in the formulation of Educational policy: By attempting to think of the universe as it is, rather than simply as how it affects anyone. The term “development” was analyzed.


It postulated that philosophical ideas have been responsible for shaping the development of societies through the channels of education. The form is naira only. This view presents development as being both qualitative and quantitative. The philosophy of education at that time came on board with the system of education, uniyyo was greeted by population explosion in student enrollment, especially at the primary school level, as the Universal Primary Education UPE was equally introduced, although there were many problems resulting from poor implementation of the programme because of lack of foresight, and ineffective planning.

It concerns with what is, why, is, as well as man’s place in the universe of things. Analytically, the aim of education from Terk philosophical thought is to put a man in the right order, to show him the right path and to instill in him the spirit of dedication towards social kniuyo and cohesion.


Hence, there are some inconsistencies, contradictions and controversies over some of this ideas. Essays in Philosophy and Education. It develops an open questioning attitude in the learner and the nation in general. Twrm schedule Exercise is as indicated below: Fallacious reasoning and irrational action.

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It includes gradual removal of; poverty, unemployment, social inequalities, bad leadership, monopolization of opinion by the government, and of the negative practices which unfortunately have become the major characteristics of human society.

African indigenous knowledge system.

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Nigeria’s philosophy of education as enunciated and revised over the years is geared towards the actualization of national development goals and objectives, some of which have been achieved to some extent, while while others are still in limbo, and utopian in nature.

Philosophy and Social change.

As a result of uniyuo importance to the socio -economic and political well-being of its citizens, no nation has ever failed to place her overall development on the front, burned of her policies and programme. According to Orokaphilosophy is the wisdom and activity concerning the existence of things around us.