Result Notifications Spring Sem. Inductrion of endoglucanase in Pleurotus ostreatus grown in solid-state fermentation medium of corncobs. Biochemistry and Biotechnology , Vol. Screening potato cultivars for low sugar accumulation during storage at various storage temperatures. Education Area of Interest: Notice for Individual Financial Assistance for Brilliant deserving students.

Purification and characterization of a milk clotting acid protease produced by solid state cultivation of Rhyzopus solonifer. Notification Registration of Graduates Read More. Nawaz and Asghar Bajwa. Bioremediation of coloured textile industry effluents by white rot fungus Ganoderma lucidum IBL Insect Biosystematics and Biology Department:

Industrial Biotechnology Invited lecture as Resource Person. Studies on the prevalence of hepatitis-c virus in healthy blood donor from Faisalabad region.

uaf qec thesis

Agriculture Graduate Read More. International Entomology Congress Read More.

uaf qec thesis

Wageningen University, the Netherlands Area of Interest: Development of a test strip for rapid detection of adultration in milk. Optimization of biodegradation process for Disperse textile dyes using Phanerochaete chrysosporium.

Cellulolytic enzymes production by an indigenous strain of Coriolus versocolor. GC University, Lahore Htesis 25, Zona Aslam Memorial Scholarship Department of Food Technology.



Consulting with Clinicians, Professional Students and Practitioners of veterinary as well as medical background on laboratory findings in various species Worked as a Registered Veterinary Medical Practitioner and supervised private clinics at Jarhanwala Road Faisalabad and native town in Mianwali 8.

Optimization of lignolytic enzymes synthesis by an thesjs strain of Schizophyllum commune in liquid state fermentation.

Development of novel enzymatic bioremediation Process for textile industry effluents through Response Surface Methodology.

uaf qec thesis

Foundation of Sri Lanka, 44 4: Comparison of liver test in cirrhotic and non-cirrhotic hepatitis C patients. Inducing salt tolerance in mung bean through co-inoculation of rhizobia and plant growth promoting Rhizobateria containing qce deaminase. Guide to Write Patent. Fermentation of Pleurotus sajor-caju produces biologically active polysaccharide.

Decolorization of azo, heterocyclic and reactive dyes using spent mycelium substrate of Hypsizygous ulmarius. Molecular and Cellular Proteomics4.

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Biotechnological valorization of pectinolytics and their industrial applications: Decolorization of color dye-based textile effluent by Coriolus versicolor. Organized by Department of Biochemistry, Oct. Catalytic, kinetic and thermodynamic characteristics of an extracellular lipase from Penicillium notatum. Catalysis34 9: Production of cellulase by schizophyllum commune in solid state fermentation.


Production of cellulase enzymes by Ganoderma lucidum in solid state fermentation. Partial purification and characterization of ligninase enzymes produced by chrysosporium from agroindustrial waste under SSF. Log In Sign Up.

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Breeding of Horticulture Crops Department: Candidate Student Application Form. California Alumni Association Scholarship Session Kinetics of cellulase and xylanase of Chaetomium thermophile with respect to aeration.

Isolation and screening of amino acids producing bacteria from milk. Lets Grow together scholarship