Accountants have ethical responsibilities to many different parties, both internal and external to the company. In other words, Earnings management is a strategy used by the management of a company to deliberately manipulate the company’s earnings within the regulatory framework so that the figures match a pre-determined target. The Sarbanes — Oxley Act was designed primarily to regulate corporate conduct in an attempt to promote ethical behavior and prevent fraudulent financial reporting. The goal and the intention of this study is to pay attention to the very essence of the accounting ethics in business and to have an overview on ethics education and professional legitimacy. Ethical codes for professional accountants globally forces professional accountants, regardless of the roles that they perform, to upport values of integrity, objectivity, professional competence and due care, confidentiality and professional behavior. However, by the first quarter of , serious problems in the U.

System Audit A system analysis and internal control review is an analysis of systems and procedures for an entire function such as information services or purchasing. Basic rule is that a company’s ability to generate profit in the future plays a very important role in determining a stock’s price and the value of a company. It is relatively easy to identify unethical business practices. In order to differentiate and clarify these specific accounting activities, first I examine the purpose of these methodologies, which examination will provide us better definitions as well. The balance sheet has three elements: Despite Parmalat being one of Europe’s largest corporate fraud case in history, it comes as a great surprise how easily, and with basic skill, that the fraud was conducted.

Highlights are; Section describes criminal penalties for altering documents, Section describes whistleblower protection and Section describes criminal penalties for fraud. Instead, the public demands from them to serve as the conscience of the corporation.

Challenges facing the accounting profession

Its purpose, in part, is to ensure that the financial status and operating performance of publicly traded companies are fairly presented and disclosed. To allow the SPE to borrow from the market, Enron, in many cases, provided a guaranty or other form of credit support.


Their loyalty is to their organization, not to an external authority.

thesis the parmalat scandal

My opinion is that the motivation is as simple as any other similar case; money. Around the world, accountants clustered in different similar professional bodies, organizations and associations in which they agreed to follow certain code of ethics. On the other hand principles-based approach have advantages over rules-based system. C S Cornelius Streit Author. The management claims that this was because a customer, a speculative fund named Epicurum, did not pay its bills.

Internal auditors generally consider operations as a whole with respect to the five key internal control objectives, not just the financial aspects. Publish now – it’s free. There is a very thin line between tyesis accounting and fraudulent accounting and I believe these two are overlapping. Using their skills and deep understanding of the company and the environment in which it operates, professional accountants in business ask challenging questions.

The types of audits briefly described below illustrate a few approaches internal auditing may take. We will look at them a bit more detailed but in order to see clearly and provide a better understanding I must start with some background information.

With a wealth of thedis employees to invest their retirements in the company Enron continued to cover the tracks of its accounting pzrmalat by expanding into new markets and creating new revenue streams, even if they were investments from their own employees. The first person to notice this otherwise unheard of financial anomaly was a Merrill Lynch analyst named John Olsen.

In reality, incentive structures can indeed push employees and managers toward unthinking and even unethical behavior. He informs Kenneth, the president and Jeff, the CEO about his findings and projected the not too bright consequences of the stock market reaction on such news. Certainly there were many players by Enron who were involved in the fraudulent activities but I would like to mention only the big guys.

Andrew, a CFO at scandwl public energy and commodity trading company is concerned that the upcoming quarter numbers will not fulfill shareholders and the upper-level management expectations after several growing and profitable periods. Dick and Erin are fully aware that they are going to mislead the public but their trick is totally legal and not against any of the current regulations.


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For example, payroll accountants may have information about salaries in different departments, revenue accountants may learn of new products before others, and cost accountants may have inside information about profit margins. Such roles offer significant temptation and the opportunity to commit or conceal acts of fraud.

thesis the parmalat scandal

Accounting standards are authoritative statements of how particular types of transactions and other events should be recorded and reflected in financial statements. Each future payment is discounted from the date of payment to today using the actuarial assumptions.

The Fraud Triangle’s pressure element is defined as the problematic personal financial circumstances that motivate an individual to commit a fraud crime. It recognizes that a business has a social and environmental footprint and therefore bears responsibility for minimizing that footprint.

In the most basic way, confidence in the financial data produced by professionals in businesses forms the core of public trust and public value. Title regulates auditors and focus on the conflicts of interest that are prevented to ensure that the auditors provide unbiased assessments. The Parmalat crisis finally broke out on Dec. Some says US GAAP is as good as it is if not better, there is no need to fix it, other says the changes would be very expensive, or it is not compatible with US-style governance.

A description of the versatile role of professional accountants is not complete without discussing the duty that the profession owes to the general public. If we accept this theory, we can say that every time in history when there was any introduction of regulation of accounting activities and standardization of financial statements that also set moral and ethical levels with or without intention.