Their concentration and ratio determines the growth and morphogenesis of the banana tissue In most banana micro propagation systems, semi-solid media are used. Washed suckers are taken to LAF chamber and further sterilization is done. Varieties In India banana is grown under diverse conditions and production systems. Early maturity of crop — maximum land use is possible in low land holding country like India. For various morphological parameters like plant height, leaf length, leaf width, leaf number, etc. Then they are Dipped into detergent water teepol containing for one hour.

Embryo culture is an important aid for classical breeding in banana since the germination frequency of seed is extremely low. The Preparative Stage Young suckers selected from healthy and true-to-type mother plants are checked for symptoms of fusarial wilt. They differ mainly by the explant in which embryogenesis is induced: Advantages of Tissue Culture Planting Material True to the type of mother plant under well management. Two successive ratoons are possible in a short duration which minimizes cost of cultivation. The Impact of Climatic Variations on Agriculture.

Normal banana suckers which obtained directly from the plantation grows in 12 to 15 month where PTC plantlet will grow in 10 months. They are soaked in Bavistin for 18 hours in order to remove the fungus and fungal spores. Items in DSpace are protected by copyright, with all rights reserved, unless otherwise indicated. Up to the present, a total of 6 million tissue culture plantlets have been propagated for commercial planting.

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Addition of cytokinins alone or in combination with auxin was found essential for shoot initiation and multiplication. After that they are washed thoroughly with distilled water in following timings 1min,1min,2min,3min,5min,12min. Medium used for Banana cultivation For banana micro propagation, MS-based media are widely adopted.

Thesis on micropropagation of banana

Micropropagation of banana cv. It is one of the most important source of tropical fruits in the world market because it is a significant staple food as well as a major export commodity.

But most of Banana is grown by planting suckers. Hence the well grown plants removed to provide the space in green house for the next cycle of plants and also to lower the cost of storage. Finishing the above process another layer of sucker is removed.

The micropropagation of banana plantlets consists of five stages: The suckers for culture is prepared and taken into the lab.

Saline solid, calcareous soil are not suitable for Banana cultivation. This study was aimed to develop a simple, comprehensive and efficiently repetitive protocol for micropropagation of banana Musa sapientum L. The suckers are ready for inoculation. They are healthy, micropropagatioh free, uniform and authentic.

thesis on micropropagation of banana

Please use this identifier to cite or link to this item: Phd thesis on micropropagation Thesis on micropropagation database musicmarketing masters thesis phd thesis on plant tissue culture dissertation plants thesis …. The triploid Cavendish banana is traditionally propagated vegetatively by suckers.


Deep, rich loamy soil with pH between Selection of varieties, therefore is based on a large number of varieties catering to various kinds of needs and situations. They differ mainly by the explant in which embryogenesis is induced: The suckers are collected for PTC are healthy and high yielding so the daughter plantlets have the same character of the mother plant.

Care full measures should be taken in growing PTC banana which can give a micropropagationn job opportunity and income for the producers.

Thesis On Micropropagation Of Banana

For rapid in vitro multiplication of banana, shoot tips from young suckers of cm height are most commonly used as explants.

For rooting Thesls Used as growth regulator for commercial purpose. Maximum aseptic shoot culture establishment Thesis for the obtention of a PhD in Agronomicpropagation of bananas micrropropagation plantainsan influence on the efficacyto modify the micropropagation techniques CCWildlifeImpacts. Malbhog and hardening of rooted plantlets for field transfer using different alone or in combination sterilants, PGRs and potting mixtures.

Properly hardened secondary seedlings are only recommended for planting.

thesis on micropropagation of banana

Usually two types of growth regulators used, a cytokinin and an auxin, are added to the banana growth medium.