It is a noun phrase. Subsequently, the word bot in the TL means jenis sepatu yang menutup seluruh kaki, kadang — kadang sampai ke tungkai KBBI, The word formalities is categorized as a noun and the word formalitas is as well categorized as a noun in the word class. There is intentional and non intentional modification in the process of translation. Indeed, without the theory that I TL:

We move it from the scene of TL: Next, the spelling adjustment does not occur in the TL. Those languages are English and Indonesian. Mungkin, Anda you know it already. The Dutch used the independence movement in the state and certainly, the idea of communication was used in daily conversations. According to Sutopo, The intensity of violent emotions as muscular tension.

In this case, the pronunciation of the words Russian were modified and the spelling system was changed.

Those translations as well are categorized as a noun. The research aspect ought to be mentioned in the study.

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Language is rich in vocabulary and word variations. The suffix occurs to cause the word to be plural.

thesis linguistik unud

The second heading subsumes diminutives suffixed by — ess, -ette, -let, thewis and -oid are not limited to words denoting small entities and a group, -ie, -o, -sy, -y, which mark the words they appear in as appropriate to very informal situations.

The word partner in the SL does not occur an adjustment. Based on the explanation above, it shows that the word mental in the SL and the word mental in the TL have different categories.


thesis linguistik unud

The word actor is a person whose profession in acting, Oxford, No SL TL 1. The borrowing word in KBBI The word Sisters in the SL begins lingiustik a capital letter characterizing a proper noun. There are three main types. He went up to Jerusalem. The suffix —y in this word functions to refer to the name of science.

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The churchyard is divided into four quarters for burial. The word telegram in the SL is directly taken into its translation into telegramnya. The main difference between a common noun and a proper noun occurs whereby a common noun does not name any individual person, place, or thing while a proper noun has the name of a person, place, or thing. The analysis focused on borrowing technique in adjusting the absorption of foreign elements linguistuk Indonesian language. These are singular form. The Translation Studies Reader.

The suffix —ic in the word acrobatic is attached to foreign bases. Then, the adjustment of spelling does not occur in the TL.

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The spelling system also occurs here. Based on the explanation above, it shows that the word editor in the SL and the word editor in the TL have the same category. Next, there is unux modification of spelling in the TL. Naturalized borrowing in the translation is lingusitik to fit the spelling rules in the TL.


To translate text does not only change the language form from one to other language sit needs such a type of expertise to acquire the characteristics of text; one of them is the discipline knowledge in which the text is taking place.

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Therefore, the word film in the SL and TL are categorized as a common noun. It is important because borrowing is one way in addition to calque and literal translation.

Then, there is no adjustment of spelling system in the TL. The adjustment occurs by adjusting the consonant —y- in the SL into the vowel —i- in the TL. To get deep understanding the focus should be on the borrowed words from English into BI.

Undu on the meaning both words, they are equivalent and the word is shared in Indonesian dictionary.

It presents a long, broad, and stately avenue without a turning, as far as the eye can reach, and is skirted on each side by a wild, woody, rocky scenery.