The format of this course is seminar-discussion. Program Requirements The Program requires completion of 7. Furthermore, the course will introduce eye movement recordings as a behavioural measure often co-registered in imaging studies. This course provides an in-depth introduction to the field of moral psychology. An intensive examination of selected issues and research problems in developmental psychology.

The ideas of classical personality theorists will be discussed in reference to findings from contemporary personality research. The project will culminate in a written report in the form of a thesis and a poster presentation. Undergraduate students conducting an independent research project for a course will need to complete, with their faculty supervisor, an Undergraduate Ethics Review Protocol Form — Student-Initiated Projects. The program requires students to complete a total of Psychosocial and Psychobiological Breadth 3. Cornell , Assistant Professor M.

New BulgarianPh. This course explores physical and neural maturation, and the development of perception, cognition, language, and social-emotional understanding in infants prenatally until preschool.

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An examination of the therapeutic methods used to improve the capacity of a brain damaged individual to process and use incoming information, enhancing functioning in everyday life. Students will learn core principles of experimental designs, data analysis and interpretation in couese hands-on manner. Such a project will culminate in a written research report. This course will introduce students to current understanding, and ongoing debates, about how the brain hhesis both simple and complex decisions.

The course will cover topics including perceptions of and interactions within close relationships, development and maintenance of relationships, and relationship conflict and dissolution.


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Social Psychology how socio-cultural influences affect us; PSY series coursesDevelopmental Psychology how individuals change over time; PSY series coursesClinical Psychology diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders; PSY series coursesCognitive Neuroscience the biology of the mind; PSY series coursesand Behavioural Neuroscience physiological and genetic influences on behaviour; PSY series courses.

Reflecting the broad range of topics in this area, there are diverse research methods, including techniques for studying infant behaviour as well as procedures for studying development in children, adolescents, and adults.

Social Psychology is the study of how feelings, thoughts, and behaviour are influenced by the presence of others. Understanding Marks and Grades 8. Penn StateM. Surveys a wide range of phenomena relating to social behaviour. Co-op Preparation Course Requirements: Basic principles and procedures of behaviour change are examined, including their application courde different domains and populations.

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Insights into these different abilities will be provided from research using behavioural, neuroimaging, computational, and neuropsychological techniques. These courses provide an opportunity to engage in research in an area after completing basic coverage in regularly scheduled courses. To learn more, please visit the Office of Research and Innovation. Students will also develop skills to effectively find and consume primary research in psychology. Select topics include attention, memory, language, motor control, decision-making, emotion, and executive functions.

Students must obtain a permission form from the Department of Psychology’s website www. The Thesls requires completion of 7.

thesis course utsc

Students may apply to the program after completing a minimum of 4. A range of perspectives, including social, cultural, developmental, clinical, and cognitive psychology, will be considered.


This course will be a primary methods course for psychology specialists, such that students will acquire advanced skills involved in the htsc of tnesis data and become well-versed in appropriate psychophysiological theory and inference.

An intensive examination of selected issues and research problems in social psychology. This course introduces conceptual and practical issues concerning research in developmental psychology.

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Interested Majors may discuss this option with Department of Psychology Advisors provided that they meet the other prerequisites. In addition to their academic program requirements, Co-op students complete up to four Co-op specific courses. British ColumbiaM.

The project will culminate in a written report in the form of a thesis and a poster presentation. MichiganProfessor Emeritus M.

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Students may apply for work term employment in settings such as research and development departments in industry, educational institutions, health care institutions and government agencies.

The primary focus of this course is on the understanding of Analysis-of-Variance and its application to various research designs. They cover a variety of topics intended to assist students in developing the skills and tools required to secure work terms that are appropriate to their program of study, and to perform professionally in the workplace.

The University is responsible for reviewing all course-based research involving human participants.