Which characters are introduced at the beginning of the story and what do we learn about each one? Annotate a short story. What do you notice about them? How was pathetic fallacy used in this movie clip? What do you think happened to Bobby? Highlight the relevant piece of text and label it.

Auth with social network: She is suspicious of other adults. Put them in the correct order as quickly as possible. Another Example Megan has scared Bobby again by saying their parents are likely to be locked up for leaving them on the beach. Class copy down when all have decided that these are correct. Can you identify it?

Agnes Owens’ The Lighthouse | Mr McKenzie’s Higher Class

Mood changes as the setting does. Analyse and evaluate a short story. Write a successful critical essay on a short story. Give a list of reasons for your answer. Have your character take up the majority of the page, but leave room for your writing.

Create a mind map answering these questions in your jotter. Make sure that you can define the following words along with any others you have underlined.


Megan eventually worries about her brother, showing her caring side. Uncaring setting that does not change because of a dead girl mirrors the uncaring society that Megan and Bobby inhabit.

The Lighthouse by Agnes Owens. – ppt download

The setting eventually consumes Megan and is as apathetic towards her death as society appears to be. What wssay you think happened to Bobby? Page handbook Point of View and Characterization. Predictions What do we typically associate with lighthouses? It starts sunny and the atmosphere is light. Write answers in jotters.

The Lighthouse by Agnes Owens.

Auth with social network: She feels the pressure of having to look after Bobby. Remember that in the exam you have to: Why is the setting so important in the story? The ending is still a shock to us.

the lighthouse agnes owens critical essay

Even if you just pull together a basic paragraph. Class copy down when all have decided that these are correct. Use a new page for each. Glue lightgouse on the sheets of paper. Feet — where do they go? Start a separate list for each. This means it was a deliberate act as he took his time. Job, roles, hobbies, etc Stomach — what do they hunger for want? If you agjes them to be brilliant read them even more fairytales.


the lighthouse agnes owens critical essay

Can you identify it? Annotate a short story. Download ligythouse “The Lighthouse by Agnes Owens. What are some things you can infer in this picture? Vocabulary Read the story again to yourself.

At three and a half years he had eseay face of an angel, but his appearance belied a strong determination to have everything his own way. Lack of caring society -Why do you think the author never reveals the name of the parents, woman or the stranger? We think you have liked this presentation.