GuidelinesHomework assignments must be planned carefully in accordance with the following guidingprinciples: Mothers or nannies will not be allowed into the Primary School buildings. Suspension of bus privileges for five school days. No sandals, crocs, or slippers are permitted,students must always wear closed shoes black with black socks. Please keep your child at home in case of: Should any of the contact information be changed during the academic year,parents have to inform the concerned head of school in writing. Short essay kalpana chawla.

On this day, students are allowed to wear clothes other than the uniform as long as they comply with the dress code, shorts, miniskirts and sleeveless shirts are NOT allowed. Seeking up-to-date technological, instructional, and research advances to enhance teaching. Essay on uses of trees and plants. In addition to the consequences listed above, the student will be asked to engage in self-assessment or see a professional counselor if necessary. The following documents should be attached to the application form: No student will be placed on an academic probation unless there is a valid reason. In addition, comprehensive college and career developmentcounseling is provided to our High School students.

Thamer international school homework agenda grade 2 – Google Docs

When instructed homewwork enter an assigned exam room, students are requested to do so in a quiet and orderly manner.

To be signed by all Upper School parents and students. We understand that you lead busy lives. It is expected that the students will attend classes on a daily basis. Business, Accounting, History and Psychology. Please contact the clinic for any clarifications or inquiries. Students arealso required to wear reasonable footwear. Extra measures will be taken in severe cases.


Parents-Students Handbook (2016-2017)

These courses are taken by students in Grades, Ten, Eleven and Twelve. The medicine must be clearly identified with the reason, time, dosage, student’s name and class. However, parents are asked to do everything theycan to ensure that their child has full attendance at school. Microsoft Office Click here to download it now. English is the language of instruction at the school.

No sandals, crocs, or slippers are permitted,students must always wear closed shoes black with black socks. Academic Probation can occur at the end of one school year for the first reportingperiod of the following school year.

Spm essay article example. Fostering the multi-cultural environment to graduate globally broad – minded students.

thamer international school homework agenda

Both, the homwwork and the nurses are involved in class visitations, assemblies on hygiene, health issues etc. Thamer international school homework agenda grade 2. Sick students are reported to the clinic for treatment. Kindly do not ask the school for a full scale hunt to be carried out if your child has lost something,we cannot do this!

On the 25th of September, T.

Students requesting toregister after the closing date of general registration will be placed on a first—come—first-serve basis. Staff supervisionwill be available from 7: Jeddah School Felicitates High Achievers.


Students are thammer allowed to attend the first session if they arrive later than 7: Social Workers are dedicated to providing academic, social, emotional guidance and counselingservices to our students and their families.

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If the absence occurs repeatedlywith no valid reason that is accepted by the administration, disciplinary action will be takenagainst the student. Fitting to test newborn. Free write essay topics.

thamer international school homework agenda

If a student is absent from a final exam a grade of Zero will be given and no make-up examwill be assigned. Students must return or replace damaged or stolen property. Our Blog and Achievements. Cheating, receiving and possessing unauthorized information, as well as giving out such information is considered a major offence committed by all students involved and will be severely dealt with. The intent is to maintain good order and homewkrk safe environment for students riding buses as well as tonotify parents of the misconduct of their children.

We expect parentsto read the content carefully and follow up promptly on any requirements. Students should sit in their assigned place at least five minutes before the exam is scheduled to start.