Sunwind needs to focus on improving its capacity and quality problems first. This will also encourage the suppliers to get themselves placed in and around the Sunwood plant so as to deliver the raw materials on time. Sunwind’s team would undertake the responsibility of overseeing production schedules. This system gets an in-plant representative who will be onsite in Sunwind on behalf of the suppliers whose main purpose is to plan and schedule the replenishment of the materials from the supplier hence even the forecasting is also taken care by him. PJPK M15 a dan b. This will develop a close relationship with their suppliers, in a way they will get suppliers as a partner in the venture. JIT would foster collaboration with Volvo as well as suppliers, hence ensuring better working relationships.

Draw at abstract level not detailed level. As a result there is inventory pile up at workstations with high cycle time. My account New to The Case Centre? How does this information help to design production and delivery? The cycle time of processes vary considerably. The Case Centre is dedicated to advancing the case method worldwide, sharing knowledge, wisdom and experience to inspire and transform business education across the globe. Continuous communication between supplier and vendor enables updation of records on both ends and real time flow of information.

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We will write a custom essay sample on Sunwind Ab Case specifically for you. Current status and required elements for adopting JIT in Sunwind: InVolvo needs units of series 5-door station wagons. My account New to The Case Centre? Implementing JIT will enable ease of transportation. Published on Feb View 39 Download 5. Key elements for JIT implementation in Sunwind: The carpeting could be any of four different colour choices — beige, blue, black and burgundy.


sunwind ab case study

Similarly if we look into this case the distances are shown below Save to Kalmar —— Draw at abstract level not detailed level. Presently, it is unable to meet its customers’ demands and is also unable to caes to the standards of quality required by them. The cycle time at different processes vary considerably. Sunwind’s team would undertake the responsibility of overseeing production schedules.

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Current status and requirements for adopting JIT in Sunwind: Challenges facing Sunwind are: We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. To meet the increased demand for Volvo Sunwind needs to improve its cycle time as well as reduce its MLT by reducing batch size. The benefits for Volvo would be: SunWind – Vinterkampanje Documents.

sunwind ab case study

Retrieved May 23,from https: What is the Manufacturing Lead time? The benefits of implementing JIT for Sunwind would be: For this we need to maintain a minimum Manufacturing Lead Time as products are produced in batches.

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Sun Wind should ask it supplier to reduce this lead time as it is sunwid to go for JIT. The JIT philosophy is timely delivery of customer order. Carpeting the purchasing department uses a months planning horizon. The batch size of Sunwind is high resulting in a very high manufacturing lead time which is not acceptable for a JIT.


Improved coordination between Sunwind and Volvo would reduce non-value added activities and ensure a better working environment. The present trend in the automobile industry to rely on fewer suppliers can pose problems ahead as Volvo currently depends upon suppliers in contrast to Toyota’s Rejection of shipments can be costly and they run the risk of not being able to meet the just in time production schedule.


Sunwind Ab Case

Setting a plant layout such that the distance between adjacent workstation is minimum. Taking the max setup time i. Defective materials were rejected by eliminating the problem but no summary statements were available in Sunwind concerning the rejects.

Conformance to quality controls can be implemented more easily. It also provides the best organizational structure needed to improve the supplier coordination by integrating the stusy, production and purchasing processes together. The batch size if we see for different operations varies from tosuch a huge amount of batch size might lead to having no control over the quality issues i.

This hinders quality check at source.