Please ensure that your child brings a donation with them for The Upper Room – tins of food or dried non-perishable goods. We have our school trip on Tuesday. This week we have been writing instructions in English. If you need your log-in details again, please let your class teacher know. It allows your child to extend learning by applying skills to new situations.

Luckily, the weather has not been cold enough yet for these skills to come into use. They have all performed so wonderfully on Thursday. The Pitch Finalist. We have been solving word problems with real life decimals such as money and measurements. They can also solve tricky missing number problems by using the inverse. Click here for more information.

Please make sure all PE kits are in school on Monday as we will be starting our PE lessons next week. Her ability to captivate audiences with her innate musicianship and dynamic presence, coupled with her wide appeal as a high-profile advocate for classical music, has made her one of the most influential classical artists of today. They should be very proud of their hard work. We have been working hard and having another fun week in year 4.

St Peter’s Catholic Primary School

In maths, we have been adding and subtracting decimals. Further discussion led to the question of whether Mr Sims or Mrs Delgado were the tallest in the school so they went to fetch them to check! Today we billericy fun practicing bandaging, using syringes and taking temperatures when Mrs O’Mahoney came in to tell us about her life as a nurse.


st peters billericay year 4 homework

The class needs to memorise the poem given. And on Fridays children will need to arrive at school in PE kits. It allows your child to review and practice what has been covered in class.

st peters billericay year 4 homework

In assembly, we got to amazing hear singers from a gospel choir. This week was also our Athletics competition. We identified human teeth and used mirrors to count how many incisors, canines and molars we have.

Cyber Cafe E-Safety advice for year olds. In maths, we tackled division and bar modelling. If you need your log-in details again, please let your class teacher biloericay. Play games, and visit some cool websites. Next Week This is the last week before the Easter holidays! Click here for more information.

HOMEWORK | St Peter’s Catholic Primary School

We have been rewriting some peterx descriptions of Narnia to make them scary and ominous. Thank you so much to everyone who came to the open classroom and welcome BBQ on Yewr. Today they created their labelled design and had a go creating flow charts of what they wanted to happen.

It was a great opportunity and the class enjoyed their trip. On Wednesday 27th March and Wednesday 24th April at 5. We do need one or two more parent volunteers so please let Miss Line know if you can join us.


st peters billericay year 4 homework

She explained how she started playing violin at a very young age and by continually working hard and practicing every day she became a worldwide star.

In science, we have learnt about conductors and insulators.

This seems to work well for everyone. You can vote for your favourites! Welcome to Year 4! If it gets lost — please email me. What a fun week we have had in year 4 — a school trip and our class assembly.

We provide breakfast, a hot home cooked meal, snacks and drinks as a free extra to your fees. To kick-start our unit on play-scripts we have been acting parts from the play to the rest of the class.

All of the children also learnt how to use an iron — so can now help you at home! It would be great if you could put a picture on Tapestry of its test launch!