People often think of language as a connector, something that brings people together by helping them share experiences, feelings, ideas, etc. The essay was creative and funny; I wish people weren’t so easily offended by harmless things. Describe your new intended major. This is a creative thought experiment, and selecting this essay prompt does not guarantee your admission to UChicago. Possible answers involve, but are not limited to, statistics, chemistry, physics, linguistics, and philosophy. Sure, some people think of the University of Chicago as a portal to their future, but please choose another portal to write about.

A first-half run by Northwestern proved insurmountable in Syracuse’s season-ending loss. If your piece is largely or exclusively visual, please make sure to share a creator’s accompanying statement of at least words, which we will happily allow to be on its own, separate page. I don’t think the problem is really about the students because I agree, you want to encourage student creativity and there were most likely few students who were actually offended. Parents send their kids off to college to become open-minded and mature; they might take a leaf from their own book. Donating today will help ensure that the paper stays run by its student staff.

Pei also designed the John F. Tell me, was I just one in a line of many?

University of Chicago’s SEXcessive Essay PR Firestorm

Nondorf declined to comment further. If your piece is largely or exclusively visual, please make sure to share a creator’s accompanying statement of at least words, which we will happily allow to be on its own, separate page.

By Gabe Stern May 13, at 3: What if, suddenly, you fell off the edge of the Earth? And now you inquire as to my wishes?


The sample essay, comparing the college to an elusive lover, was a tongue-in-cheek, quirky, humorous piece. DO NOT see this as a blueprint, but one of many types of essays we get. Tell us the story of a street, path, road—real or imagined or metaphorical.

While generally met warmly by members on univeesity discussion forums such as College Confidential, those who objected to the content said they see some of the romantic language as inappropriate for an admissions essay. Inthe city of Melbourne, Australia created a “tree-mail” service, in which all of the trees in the city received an email address so that residents could report any tree-related issues.


Describe your new intended major. Superstring theory has revolutionized speculation about the physical world by suggesting that strings play a pivotal role in the universe.

Sharing of essay brings praise, complaints

The independent student newspaper of The University of Chicago since Be original, creative, thought provoking. All chicxgo these require explanation in order to properly communicate their meaning, and are, to varying degrees, untranslatable.

Write an essay somehow inspired by super-huge mustard. Great Gatsby and Catcher in the Rye. Nondorf addressed the concern in a statement released by the University. Alice falls chicgao the rabbit hole. Use the power of string to explain the biggest or the smallest phenomenon.

My Thaughts (c): Rohan’s admissions essay to University of Chicago.

Return to top of page. It also demonstrated a strong desire to attend the University of Chicago and referred to how much time he had spent getting to know the university: Each year we email newly admitted and current College students and ask them for essay topics. Academics are protected by tenure because it is important to be able to speak your mind without being reprimanded for it in academia. Mash up a historical figure with a new time period, environment, location, or occupation, and tell us their story.


Also, creativity comes in many shapes and forms, so pick something that you are comfortable with and that will appeal to the universities you are applying to. Describe something vestigial real or imagined and provide an explanation for its existence.

rohans essay university of chicago

This illustriously entertaining essay, so to speak, compares sex and lovers to a students relationship with the University. We, however, are interested in how language sets people apart.

I see Jessica’s point about parents not wanting to think about their precious babies being connected with sexuality of any kind, but really… can’t orhans all just grow up and not be so turned off by something that is natural anyway?

rohans essay university of chicago

Sharma said he plans to attend UChicago in the fall to study economics, and he will likely be a little more famous than his classmates upon arrival.

Due to a series of clerical errors, there is exactly one typo an extra letter, a removed letter, or an altered letter in the name of every department at the University of Chicago. Or not caught, as the case may be.