Some of these issues will be addressed in relevant areas of this article. Herald Press, Klaassen, Walter. The third theme of On the Sword, separation of church and state, is closely related to the second. Here, Hubmaier suggests tarrying for the weak but there is nothing to suggest that Hubmaier expects to tarry for the magistrate. Though civil authorities have the right to rule by the sword, they are limited to overseeing only secular affairs. The primary responsibility of government is that it operate according to the righteousness and will of God to carry out its mandate.

However, since we have sinned it must and will be thus. His views on the magistrate prevent him from being acknowledged as an Anabaptist. Second, that space exists within the context of one legitimate government in contention with another. Swiss Brethren missionaries penetrated the Confederation, setting up networks of congregations from Berne and Basel in the west to St. James Stayer, Anabaptist Separatism and the Sword Biesecker-Mast is not alone in positing a scenario where nascent Anabaptism chooses different paths regarding separatism and the sword.

Austria, largely mountainous landlocked country of south-central Europe.

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In fact, presuppositions regarding the relationship between doctrine and practice and the type of research being conducted join to set the question being asked. This marked the Anabaptist revolution in Waldshut, which became the center for the Anabaptist movement for nearly eight months. It just might also provide a fuller perspective by which one decides what constitutes Anabaptism.

There are a number of themes woven throughout On the Sword that are relevant to this present study: Rather, the primary issue behind On the Sword was a challenge to the unity of the Nicolsburg Anabaptist community by the alternative teaching of Hans Hut.


See also, Bergsten, Concerning the Sword he believed rather in the Christian coercion of the official Zurich Reformation than in the rejection of coercion of its radical opponents. By signing up, you agree to our Privacy Notice. Instead, they wanted to teach me — a sick man who had just gotten up out of his deathbed, hunted, pursued, who had lost everything — another belief through the executioner. Hubmaier had fled to Schaffhausen from Waldshut on August 29,during a particularly precarious time for Waldshut in its opposition to Hubmaier, Total, he cited Scripture 2, times in all his extant writings.

Radical Confession Rhetoric from Schleitheim to Dordrecht. The kind of establishment that he tried to bring about, balthasqr not open the possibility for the civil authorities to reduce the Church into their own tool of social control. First, there is a space built here for dissent from lords and rulers.

Clarkson, 37 dangers because of their socio-political matrix. Eerdmans Publishing Company, Hubmaier arrived at a Reformation position through his own theological inquiry — especially his reading of Resesrch —both agreeing and disagreeing with Zwingli at times regarding the content of reform and its pace. Balthasar Hubmaier and Freedom of the Will.

Theologian of Anabaptism, ed.

Balthasar Hubmaier

Clarkson, 10 free state churches in both Waldshut and Nikolsburg But what we have here is a profound instance of rhetorical movement within a confessional text, from the establishment of a clear logic of separation, to an accounting of a perplexing problem with that logic — the legitimate place of the sword of governance — which momentarily destabilizes the binary oppositions established in the doctrine of separation, back to a clear and simple opposition between Christians and world and thus between the spiritual rule of Christians and carnal rule of magistrates.


An Introduction to Sixteenth-Century Anabaptism. If a popular movement could make progress toward justice and a better ordering of society, Hubmaier could accept standing in opposition to imperial authority yet in accord with local authority. In all of these categories, Mabry shows Hubmaier to differ in some way from the majority. See above, page 13n In the end, his dedication to the Word of God would prove to be the dividing line that forced his reproach of the Reformation.

research paper on balthasar hubmaier

Hubmaier denies the sword to those who would wield it outside of the sanctions of civil authority. This means that unlike the devil, government operates with compassion. An Introduction to Sixteenth-Century Anabaptism, 3d ed. Now, the question is one of doctrinal opposition.

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In that context, the sword is wielded against evil for the protection of the good, not as an instrument of coercion.

It was written in 44 Waldshut shortly before he fled hubmaifr was published out of Nicolsburg shortly after his arrival there in July of From there, he initiated the Reformation in Southern Germany.

Finally, baptism replaces Old Testament circumcision; it does not continue it.