However, people of Bangladesh are deprived from many opportunities such as access to education, information, resources; women, children and poor people are victim of oppression; and their participation in decision-making process and development activities is quite poor. Another, the foundation creates the school-based disaster risk prevention manual for primary school student in the earthquake disaster area Asiana Foundation, Social workers aim to strengthen relationships among the people in a purposeful manner to promote, restore, maintain and enhance the well-being of the people. But mainly due to absence of professional recognition and lack of indigenization of course-curriculum it could not meet the needs of the clientele in accordance with the economic, psycho-social and cultural contexts of the country. Linguistics and language education in the Philippines and beyond, Chapter: Towards Cuturally Relevant Education and Practice.

Although books written in Bangla for the students have been criticized for not ensuring the quality, students heavily depend on these Bangla books for better understanding of social work in the context of Bangladeshi society. What and Why Is Indigenization? Frequent practicum is due to several reasons, including assuring that the students understand well the coverage of social work practice. International Social Work, 48 5: The main responsibility of social work educators with regards to this issue is to help in the transitional process from a student to a professional social worker; and ensure the physical and academic environment for learning is favorable and provide them with relevant practice knowledge and skills. Secular and Islamic Social Work In Indonesian undergraduate social work education, the indigenization has been implemented at a certain degree as represented by the adaptation of the elements, substance and direction of the curriculum. You have now arrived at the end of your writing.

Can you say et al in an essay. Such shift may bring positive results to all, but it may require some forms of adjustment and reconstruction of social milieu.

Thus, due to sudden policy change in recruitment, the professionalism attached to social work discipline was overnight ignored and legacy of the service was defunct. Considering this philosophical view in mind, five faculty members from different universities and five practitioners from various service sectors were purposively selected as subjects for the present study.


This project has significant meaning in the historical review of not only Asian social work education, but also for the creation of a third stage of social work. The field practicum students apply values, principles and code of ethics in accordance with social structure of Bangladesh to address problems of the clients.

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Syllabi of the all Social Work Schools of Bangladesh. Kazhegeldin bloomquist earlene arthur. It is believed that taqarrub closeness and mahabbah sense of love and obedience to Allah through zikir are indeed important to combat the passions and temptations of Satan that leads to drug addiction.

Based on literature review and interview with practitioner, here an example to drawn an indigenization of social work. Integrity At all the social work schools of Bangladesh, the social work students are provided with thorough idea about mission, values, principles and thssis standard of social work through course curriculum so that they could perform their duties in trustworthy manner after entering professional practice.

However, other college with professional education in social work has systematic system of fieldwork.

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Of them, some are textbooks philiippines some are outcome of research studies done by the local scholars. As a result, it is confronting with mostly various socioeconomic as well as psycho-social problems such as poverty, unemployment, illiteracy and poor health, juvenile delinquency, drug-addiction, trafficking and abuse of children and women and so on.

The laboratory summary Other types of blood analysis can be done with the specimen sent to a central lab for testing. Social work education in university under ministry of education, college under ministry of social affair, and university under ministry of religion have different education program label, but content is similar in curriculum, field work, teaching phlippines and other component.

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They always try to augment their professional knowledge and skills and apply them in practice field. The sikh diaspora is the modern punjabi sikh migration from the traditional area of the punjab region.

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Mahabbah is a sense of love and obedience to Allah swt. For good example, Vasudevan has mentioned the “integrating spirituality, meditation, religious activities in to social work practice in Sri Lanka” p.


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International Social Work, 55 1: They demanded more efforts to be made to indigenize social work education. In addition, most of the local scholars stated the methods, principles, values and philosophy of social work in their books that are identical to radymade writers because these are only faulty translations instead of creative ones.

Towards a global, multidirectional model of technology transfer.


Thus, in many cases, the phlippines had no option but to cut short the time to finish the interview quickly. The procedural steps followed in doing so are: Thus problem solving process of social work should be innovated on the basis of the cultural pattern of local situation consisting of social, economic, political and religious aspects of people living in Bangladesh Samad and Das, However, the purpose of incorporating above-mentioned theories in social work curriculums is to provide the students with greater opportunity to gain a knowledge base so that they become able to understand local social structures and nature of problems properly and plan to address the various problems of their communities.

This can be pilippines from the ideology and approach used to justify the agency practice. The major challenges in this regard are as follows: They agreed that in the beginning Western social work education was introduced in Bangladesh as per the suggestions and recommendations of UN experts, which had continued for a long time without achieving much success.

Leaving the abusers, safety plan, legal support and psychological empowerment are among the strategies advocated to assist the victims. There is no serious effort in searching for the core or supplementary social work curriculum that is more relevant to national development. Social Values and Ethics. Currently Muhammadiyah is the second largest Islamic organization in Indonesia with 29 million members, spread thssis all over Indonesia from national level to community level.