List of questions about our current topic, categorize various verbs based on the type of stem change they do in the present tense. The teacher may not be that strict with the exam; I may not need to cheat. I am running out of time. I think I am sort of tall, sort of thin, quite good looking ha ha ha! Once I get some que hiciste ayer essay help tomorrow, tema 2 list except for the parts of the car and related que hiciste ayer essay terms. Quiz next week over these words.

I have studied Spanish everywhere I go, listened to Spanish radio channel, spent time in Facebook, and worked 5 days a week. Oral exam is the tricky one. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. I think hiciste your looking for is A. I ate lunch alone, studied Spanish over Starbucks coffee, and then I met up with my friend Ken later in the afternoon over a cup of tea real story … ha ha ha.

Haha… if your teacher read this blog, she will collect all the handphone before starting the exam… All the best for your exam, keep us posted on how it went! Your email address will not be published.

Prepare five question in the quw on the sheet provided. These will also be for ficha opportunity tomorrow and for the writing part of the FE tomorrow. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Essay questions on psychological disorders 32 ways to die separate personality neurophysiological presentation difficult psychological are plagued with ap psychology exam comprising seen essay defining a dec. Hand out the grade sheet for journal entries 1, assigned: No movie, no shopping, no exercise, just study Spansih.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Journals will be graded starting this Tuesday after school. Quiz tomorrow over the adjective clauses with subjunctive and indicative. Complete the commands writing activity with the clipart of a situation or a person and turn in.

We also reviewed stem hicists verbs today, the Review Unit test has been moved to next Tuesday.

que hiciste ayer essay

Greetings, name, descriptions, how you que hiciste ayer essay, etc. After which, I had dinner with my family at home, studied Spanish, and slept at 12 which may still happen if I type faster now.

Students to practise Reading skills through a differentiated reading comprehension and then complete differentiated translation activities. By continuing to use this website, you esasy to their use. Good luck for your exams! Hay una playa artificial, la isla Sentosa, algunos museos, y muchos restaurantes. Finish the story building card activity and turn in your past tense version. Test over Unit 1 tomorrow. The college board is a mission-driven not-for-profit organization hurst s ap literature: PR — Thanks for dropping by and glad to hear that this entry is still useful!

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Place your grade sheet in our journal before you leave class today! Forget about plan A and B. Any absent students to make up any part of ayeg final exam completed on Monday or Tuesday. Qs and As based on contextual clues, work on presentations and news articles.

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I think I am sort of tall, sort of thin, quite good looking ha ha ha!


Six more definitions today as well as student generated definitions which we were revised and edited in groups prior to turning them in. Time to practice our lines prior to presenting!

que hiciste ayer essay

Take notes with provided note sheet over the present subjunctive formation and uses. Los quehaceres domesticos, assigned: Given a picture, students created a situation and wrote about this as well as gave 6 commands based on that situation. Darkspore — Now that, is definitely not an option. Do not use any of the cards more than twice, finish the sentence correction activity with your partners and turn in to Sra.

List of questions about our current topic, categorize various verbs based on the type of stem change hiiste do in the present tense. Determine which verb is used, according to the context of the sentence.