The spotted sari-sari store will win a cash prize and gift packs from Alaska. The portion was later revived when Lunch Date was able to briefly overtake Eat Bulaga! Bayanihan of d’ Pipol segment chose a winner of its Sugod Bahay portion, the winner’s name is Lolieta. Miss U is a beauty pageant for campus sweethearts who are beautiful, talented, and intelligent. The TeleMovie aired on July 28, Aside from the sponsor’s gifts, the winner receives a large financial aid from the show itself.

The portion was later revived when Lunch Date was able to briefly overtake Eat Bulaga! It is an opening segment where the hosts search for a lady audience with the best OOTD or Outfit of the Day , a popular social media term. It is a guessing game segment during Saturdays and a reincarnation of the Guhit Bulaga segment. Sing-Alike Contest in Eat Bulaga! Guhit Bulaga is a guessing game segment which involves a picturist and word-guessers. If the contestant is successful in shooting the ring around the bottle, the contestant will win the prize. Macho is one of first dance contests created by Eat Bulaga!

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The song was a dance craze during that time. For each group, one member will be chosen and will be given a word or a phrase which he or she must solfing on a blackboard or a whiteboard or a paper or a touch screen; his or her group mates must guess what is the exact word or phrase he or she is drawing or sketching under 1 minute, each right guess will add one point to the group. However, the clue-giver must only say his clues in English, and must neither state the first letter the word begins with nor say part of the word in the clue e.


It serves as a promotional segment for the film Istokwawhich stars Mark Anthony FernandezG. Ang Joke Ko is a segment that presents several jokes sent in by home viewers through email in the form of sketch comedy. The segment has a similar format as the game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? It serves as a promotional segment for jue song after its release in One contestant is picked from the studio audience.

Three people from the winning team are selected to earn a cash prize. Banda Rito, Banda Roon: Pairs are given 3 minutes to guess as much words as they can. For the second round, the searcher and the candidate will be doing another matching game again. Challenge Accepted is a talent showdown between celebrity contestants. Contestants will perform their talents under a 2105 time limit; after the talent portion, the judges will ask them questions, in a similar format to the Balakubak portion of Nuts Entertainment.

problem solving eat bulaga june 10 2015

The two daily competitors are given challenges per round in an attempt that one will emerge stronger than the other. It features the love stories of several Eat Bulaga! Anastacia Dance Contest is one 205 the many dance competitions created by Eat Bulaga! The general selection process begins with off-air auditions held in various cities across the Philippines.

The new edition is a solvinh competition in search of a lead vocalist for the Music Hero Band. The winning barangays will win a Christmas package and prizes from the show’s sponsors. Bayanihan of d’Pipol sponsored by Coca-Cola.

Solve for X – video dailymotion

Dabarkads Hiphop Dance Challenge is a one-day dance competition between the show’s hosts to determine who is the best at hip-hop dancing. It jyne a contest for children who must send two pictures to the show: The segment particularly parodies the Miss World pageant to celebrate the victory of Megan Young as the first representative from the Philippines to win the title of Miss World. The set prize amount is Eah, the prize amount will increase by P10, as each day passes if no one manages to shoot the ring around the bottle.


Throughout its run, Pinoy Henyo has evolved into many different themes and editions to cater to particular groups of people, frequently modifying the segment’s title to indicate the contestants of the edition.

Each day, three intelligent children battle for the title of “Classroom Superstar” by solving simple math questions. This edition did not also include a talent portion. There are 3 BOOM! The person standing on that number and the three next numbers receive cash prizes and gift packs from the show and its sponsors. The players are given 60 seconds to guess the word.

problem solving eat bulaga june 10 2015

It is directed by Mark A. Four pairs of one Eat Bulaga!

Solve for X

Hand gestures are also not allowed to describe the word. The acting contest serves as a promotional segment for the romance film Eternity, which stars Dingdong Dantes and Iza Calzado. Beauty and brains are two important criteria for the contest, but the contestants must also face a series of challenges in order to determine the winner of vulaga segment.