Grab a t-shirt to liven up your wardrobe. They were quite pedantic on theory and will mark you down for making mistakes with minor details. These are a few of our favourite videos, podcasts, articles and books to check out, as well as details of how you can follow prominent historians in the public arena. Complain in a footnote. Avoid this paper at all costs unless doing a Politics major in which case i imagine youd actually probably need to take it.

Unfortunately this is a good set up for other political science papers. The history coursework guide is a brief overview of all aspects of history coursework at the University of Auckland, including the different types of assessments, how to write an essay, how to reference properly and how to present your work. You will use these theories in other arts courses and it will give you a good advantage. This review was posted on November 10, This review was posted on March 24,

A lot of political theories that really expand you mind and make you think critically.

politics coursework guide uoa

Course content had the potential to be interesting but the textbook makes all the issues seem dull – Anita doesn’t help. Please attend gulde having read the relevant required reading s. Because they dare to point out that historically women have been subjugated and disadvantaged by men? If you have shown a willingness to contribute to tutorials the tutor may be more sympathetic to requests for coursework extensions and aware of your abilities in the event of a borderline grade needing confirmation.

They appear to be really finicky and obsessive with marking, compared to other courses I am taking.


For current students – The University of Auckland

This review was posted on June 05, Anita didn’t change corusework tone of voice the entire semester. The course is an important foundation for international relations so politics majors are just going to have to soldier on through foursework course until the lecturer changes.

Had Paul as my tutor and it legit made this course a pain to go through, but Anita isn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be.

politics coursework guide uoa

Oh how I wish I had read these comments before enrolling in this The study of politics trains students to apply concepts and theory to real-world problems, to synthesize disparate and complex ideas, to communicate in a variety of forms and to debate ideas passionately and respectfully. Some theories were explained poorly, e. This review was posted on May 29, The content has so much potential yet she fails to deliver. This review was posted on October 24, There is literally a page in the course guide called “How not to use sexist language”.

Found Anita tough to pay attention to.

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Even as a very liberal person, I do wish that, as a political science course, this course looked at everything from a more holistic point of view instead of looking at everything from a liberal one. It brought my gpa down, politjcs I don’t recommend this course for anyone needing a gpa boost.

Enjoyment 5 stars 4 stars 3 stars 2 stars 1 stars. This review was posted on June 09, guie Thankful that Anita spoke slow enough to allow me to take notes as opposed to other lecturers, as well as not breezing or skimming through content too fast.


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This review was posted on April 24, But sometimes they would be about small, somewhat insignificant details which were easily forgettable. Stimulating but hard paper. Glenn building Pol syllabus 5May.

politics coursework guide uoa

I hated everything about it at first – the lectures, the tutorials, the assignments – but it does get better if you don’t just give up and stop trying. This review was posted on June 12, This review was posted on March 24, gkide Before this course I was really interested in international relations, Model UN, politics etc.

Politics and International Relations

In his now-famous book, Chakrabarty examines how Western modes of thought have influenced the way history is written in non-Western cultures.

In this video, former American Historical Association President William Cronon discusses his work as an environmental historian and the importance of effective storytelling in historical writing.

I found the textbook a bit difficult to navigate, and I would recommend trying to find something that condenses all the theories into clear, understandable chapters.

Here is an excerpt: To add some comments, click the ‘Edit’ link at the top.

She speaks at a very good pace.