David Gruen of Treasury has publically acknowledged that if the NY and London cannot be relied upon to keep the funds flowing then externally funded economies must act more prudently. Subscribe to this RSS feed. I guess hence the current rush to sell off vast areas of our Agricultural lands. Are we even aware that this is the case and should we be concerned? So what is the point in a SWF if it is not being funded by accumulated national wealth? A person is taking something to which they are not entitled.

In these same years, alternating between current account surpluses and current account deficits, Canada recorded an average annual increase of 1. Subscribe to this RSS feed. In housing debt to housing assets was at a ratio of Now it ran larger deficits. What is the mechanism happening in this case? Here we are straying into the optimal currency literature, most famously associated with Robert Mundell, which is currently getting a fair working over in the context of the problems of the European periphery.

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Michael Avenatti charged with defrauding Stormy Daniels. Current account surpluses mean that a country has sold more goods and services to the rest of the world than it has bought – which is precisely the status Canada has impeccably maintained since Leigh, brilliant paper, and it explains something I had no idea about in terms of the floating exchange rate and how adverse that is to an economy.


Not only have we run a CAD each year, it has been growing exponentially. Why would the US want this to stop? I guess hence the current rush to sell off vast areas of our Agricultural lands.

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Leigh I see you wrote the paper so thanks again. I suppose they will just continue to peddle their irrational trash. The Australian Debate Australia’s current account and debt problem: These illusions aside, Canada remains inescapably part of a global economy and will rise or fall according to the skill with which we do business in it.

To me, they got caught up thinking their dogma was the reason for increased national income, thus allowing tax cuts. Capital inflows dry up rapidly and capital outflow increases, necessitating a sharp contraction of domestic demand so that the trade balance thesiz into surplus.

Now it ran larger deficits.

We have destroyed the social structure of rural Australia for what? Adrian Raising the current form of bank reserve requirements does not raise savings. The other serious flaw in the continuous CAD is thessis structure of the economy and the resultant social structures of society you end with.

How can I browse recent Australian theses?

pitchford thesis australia

The accompanying capital flows are often beneficial. The other thing is with continual CADs the private sector will go into substantial debt in the next couple of year as the government tries to get into surplus — as per government forecasts relayed by Saul Eslake a couple of months ago on this website. The sort of economy we have built cannot be sustained.


Australia’s current account and debt problem: Pitchford Thesis Australia – isovietnam. To build massive extensive cities that require expensive infrastructure and exhibit the de-civilising problems that accompany them. The RBA should be protecting the monetary system; not washing its hands of any responsibility.

Pitchford makes a comeback

That money enables the country to buy more than it has produced. But if banks create additional money, is that a crime or legitimate business? One reason that might increase concern as we move from transfers between households to crossing state borders to crossing national borders is that the information asymmetry about the return journey increases.

It has the same effect. At any point, there can be austrakia current auztralia positions between the Australian states. The same calculus can be applied between states.

Stop worrying, and learn to love trade deficits

So what sovereign wealth?? Special to The Globe and Mail.

pitchford thesis australia

Excellent piece, but I have a suggestion — you need to play the men bankstersnot the ball Banks. I had got some relief from Leigh Harkness articles australiq the recent past.