Introductions and Expectation Setting Fun activity: Reflection on the lesson. I had to deliver three mini-lessons that week. Instructor Under Construction This is an instructor in training blog, come along for the journey and watch as a new instructor is built! Timely feedback, and think-backs guided me to begin considering myself as a professional educator, and not just a dental assistant. Her response was receptive and professional. This was a profound realization for me.

There is a lot of reflecting in the PIDP! They asked questions and provided answers to each other. Using the matrix for evaluation as guide, I decided to work on two media: Leny Sanchez, at the Skills Connect Program to seek out universities and colleges for a teaching opportunity. I recommend taking the PIDP courses in sequence because the curriculum builds upon past lessons and resources. I find it difficult to differentiate the objective and reflective components of this model, because the facts, and how I feel about them are interconnected. What I would do differently:

I probably should have taken a break following PIDP to allow time to digest what I had learned thus far in the program, but I felt an affecting momentum to complete my diploma.

I wanted to weave all these into their discussions of sustainability, the economy, international development, collaboration and technology. Do learners know WHY something is important? You are commenting using your WordPress. Technical glitches sometimes occur but previewing a video clip is always necessary to guarantee a seamless presentation in class.

pidp 3270 capstone project

BUT, what I valued learning most is that it does not matter how well I know my topic although this is important ; what matters the most is how well I can convey it to my learners. I have a responsibility to my students to prepare them to succeed in their own professional practice: The more that I considered my own approach to training my coworkers, the more motivated I was to improve my teaching strategies, and get my learners involved in the process: To sum it up, the PIDP certainly advanced my knowledge of becoming an adult educator, it improved my capstlne as a facilitator, and it undeniably changed my attitude about creating a learner-centred environment.


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She explained that each PIDP assignment is designed to meet learning outcomes and not to torture learners. Are there obstacles that will prevent learning? This leads him to create instructor feedback forms, which he gives to his learners weekly.

Develop a mind map for the assignment Submit a well-written business memo. I discovered in this course, that the program was becoming increasingly challenging for me, and decided that it was likely intentional.

pidp 3270 capstone project

Digital recording of teaching. I made sure that my lessons would complement and facilitate the completion of the student assignments.

PIDP Capstone Project | My Learning Journey

The modified jigsaw activity created a participatory and collaborative learning environment. The forums were a challenge for me because I felt that I did not have formal academic instructional experience, and most of my classmates were professional teachers already. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here A Problem to be resolved Input: Carl Rogers discovered that the most effective facilitators had a high level of regard for their learners Have I selected instructional strategies to assist in meeting objectives?


I have been working at my own speed, taking one course at a time, with breaks in between to reflect and apply what I am learning.

I am a lifelong learner. The assessment instrument which was given to each student did not yield good results because of the little time provided in completing the quiz.

Have students been given the autonomy rpoject opportunity to critically reflect and act on what they are learning?

Reflection on the PIDP

In other words, have I created a positive and effective learning environment? Reflection on the lesson. I think that providing advanced feedback is a fantastic instructional strategy that creates a positive learning environment! Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Can the student become the teacher? I want my learners to trust me, and I want my items to reflect instruction. A Collection Of Knowledge life long learning.

All these lessons were planned in consultation with the two instructors who gave me copies of their lesson inputs and assignments.