Posterior Nasal Septal Air Cell. Aspergilloma consequent to allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis. Focal lesions in bone are very common and many of these lesions are not bone tumors. Detection of extensive melorheostosis on bone scintigram performed for suspected metastases. High-attenuation mucus in allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis: Axial HRCT lung window shows the classic presentation of central bronchiectasis arrow , with sparing of the periphery Click here to view. Pulmonary and cardiovascular radiology.

Japanese Journal of Chest Diseases. A Coronal CT scan shows the osteomeatal complex which comprises of – infundibulum dotted line , hiatus semilunaris asterisk , maxillary ostium arrow and Ethmoidal bulla EB. Frequency and Spectrum of Findings. The tip of the umbilical artery catheter curved arrow is in the arch of the aorta which is undesirable as it is near the origin of the carotid artery Click here to view. How to cite this article: Clinical significance of decline in serum IgE Levels in allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis. J Pediatr Surg ;

Diagnostic value and surgical implications of the magnetic resonance imaging pictoriaal the management of adult patients with brachial plexus pathologies. Coronal A and sagittal B multiplanar reconstruction CT bone window reveal irregular perpendicular periosteal reaction white arrow involving orbital plate of right frontal bone with a large soft tissue mass in a proven case of round cell tumor Click here to view.

Neonatal neurosonography: A pictorial essay Bhat V, Bhat V – Indian J Radiol Imaging

How to cite this article: Serial chest radiographs over 3 years in a patient of ABPA show typical fleeting opacities arrows involving different areas of the lung. The intersphenoid septum is deflected to one side, attaching to the bony wall covering the carotid artery, and thus arterial injury may result when the septum is avulsed during surgery [ Figure 7 ].


Essentials of functional endoscopic sinus surgery.

Chest radiograph shows the presence of tram-line thick arrow and parallel-line thin arrow shadows Click here to view. Most patients present with poorly controlled asthma, and the diagnosis can easay made on the basis of a combination of clinical, immunological, and radiological findings. Kainz J, Stammberger H. The maxillary sinus ostium is seen to open into the floor of the sesay.

The chest radiographic findings are generally nonspecific, although the manifestations of mucoid impaction of the bronchi suggest a diagnosis of ABPA.

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Murphy D, Lane DJ. Figure 25 A, B: How to cite this URL: Frontal A and lateral B radiographs of the neck show a NG tube arrow coiled in the upper esophagus with its tip in the oropharynx arrowhead Click here to view.

Computed tomography imaging of complications of acute cholecystitis.

B Coronal CT images reveals a prominent agger nasi cell A inferior and essat to the nasofrontal recess solid curved line. Note the curve of the venous catheter as it passes through the portal sinus arrows and the classical dip of the arterial catheter in its proximal course curved arrows Click here to view.

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CT analysis for endoscopic surgery. Coronal STIR and T1-weighted images demonstrate a esssay fusiform lesion involving left brachial plexus. Assessment of bronchiectasis by computed tomography.

Computed tomography imaging of complications of acute cholecystitis.

Hilar adenopathy in aspergillosis. How to cite this URL: Automated Implantable Cardioverter Debrillator. When aerated, it may communicate with the frontal recess, causing obstruction of the ostium and thus lead to chronic sinusitis and mucocele formation.


Osteomeatal Unit The osteomeatal unit OMU includes the 1 maxillary sinus ostium, 2 ethmoid infundibulum, 3 anterior ethmoid air cells, and 4 frontal recess [ Figure 1A ]. Frontal chest radiograph shows an abnormally medial course of the catheter arrows in a case of inadvertent carotid cannulation Click here to view. The pterygoid canal [ Figure 9 ] or the groove of the maxillary nerve [ Figure 10 ] may project into the sphenoid sinus, which may result in trigeminal neuralgia secondary to sinusitis.

Comparison between conventional interrupted high-resolution CT and volume multidetector CT acquisition in the assessment of bronchiectasis. The soft tissue appears marked T2 hypointense C and T1 isointense with few hyperintense foci D.

An oval T2 hypointense A and T1 isointense B dural-based mass thin black arrow is seen in the anterior part of foramen magnum with homogeneous postcontrast enhancement C and D suggestive of meningioma.

Textbook of Essa and Critical Care Medicine. Can Assoc Radiol J ; There is high incidence of intracranial injury during FESS due to this anatomical variation Click here to view. Figure 4 A, B: Coronal multiplanar reconstruction CT reveal nonspecific mucosal thickening in sphenoid sinus white starposterior nasal cavity with thickening, and sclerosis of sphenoid septae black arrow Click here to view.

Imaging assessment of thoracic outlet syndrome.