They are very intelligent. The doctor told me stay in bed for a few a days. All are correct I feel more better today than I did last week. Those two teams played so well and the scores were tied at at last. Someone is crying somewhere.

He came to the party in time. The doctor told to me to stay in bed for a few days. The Southeast Asia Games Forgive me for ringing you up so early. Please contact me at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Mississippi at ishmaelherera olemiss. Nice to meet you. Mary has three brothers of who are married.

A notice about the trip on the notice board put yesterday. My father said I could use his car.

phiên âm curriculum vitae

Either my mother or my father is, are coming to the meeting. If I had been 7. I am so nervous.

Từ Vựng Nâng Cao – Những từ phải biết để thi IELTS

The records or the stereo has to go D. People believed that Miss. By whom was President John Curriculu killed? He said that Nora and Jim are getting married tomorrow B. She examines the patients. I like it very much.


Ann asked Tom to open the door for her. When my cat heard a noise in the bushes, she stopped moving and listen intently. Have all the machines been being testing? Richard is the most tall in this class.

phiên âm curriculum vitae

Parents who children are in college are working longer hours to pay their tuition. Mike, who speaks French and Italian, works as a tourist guide. What do you go to school? They asked me alot of questions. She chose to stay at home that evening.

theme 1: phonetics – Trường THPT Châu Thành 1

Speaking French is not as difficult as to speaking English. Which book do the students love?

It is the best film that I have ever seen. Mary has three brothers, all of vitxe are married. Murder is the most serious of all crimes. Please know that I remain enthusiastic about the development of tourism in the great state of Kentucky.

I will visit him. Faith, hope, and charity represent virtues to most of us D. Charlie said, “I saw jack at a party a few months ago and he seemed fine”. He rarely misses any sport games although he was busy. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. George and Tamara doesn’t, don’t want to see that movie. He said I saw Jack at a party a few months ago and he seemed fine 54 C. You are the same! You should give up smoking as soon lhiên possible. What do you like?