Droz replies, with a notion I feel more accurate with every passing year. He’s finishing his senior thesis. But we got so many protests, we broke so many rules… that we got booted off campus. You and all the knee-jerk, bleeding-heart liberals, sipping tea and playing patty-cake. Will you have a car? Well, here’s all you need to know. Ladies and gentlemen, I think it’s time to revive an ancient tradition we seem to have long forgotten.

The film begins quite promisingly, with pre-frosh Tom Lawrence taking a weekend trip to Port Chester University to see if it is the kind of institution of higher learning he might consider attending in the fall. PCU is a cult classic because it fits the bill: You are majoring in a year old dead language? Are we having a party tonight or what? That’s the beauty of college these days, Tommy!

Earth to tall bitch. Both groups were spun off from Psi Kappa Mu after fraternities were banned from the school in the late s. The Pit gets to keep their house and Tom is on his way back home, with thoughts of Katy and his future next fall at Port Chester University. At the heart of the story is the plethora of political correctness that has inundated college campuses in the s. If they movif could have drawn a more convincing line of demarcation between the two schools of thought, and turned that into a comic fable of conformity versus rebellion, “PCU” might have made a significant argument.


In essence, just a few more people to chase Tom around the campus.

Jeremy Piven: James ‘Droz’ Andrews

They may not realize it yet. Know another quote from PCU?

pcu movie thesis

Are we having a party tonight or what? They find a world-threatening issue and stick with it for theesis a week. Who could I be? Hey monkeys, how about a little respect.

pcu movie thesis

Can you blow me where the pampers is? Not to be confused with Pawtucket Credit Union. You’re a freshman, so it’s pretty much out of the question. That was way more than pounds.

pcu movie thesis

You cannot add more minutes to the day, but you can utilize each one …. We had a good time. PCU is a cult classic because it fits the bill: You installed speed bumps on the handicapped ramps and, most recently, you ppcu pounds of Well, here’s all you need to know. MEAT on a peaceful vegan protest!

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And those goddamn whiny crybaby minorities, you can keep them all! Now the movie shifts gears and we learn that the Board of Trustees is not movke with President Garcia-Thompson. Droz and Rand on stage.

  M101P HOMEWORK 5.3

And those beastly man-haters. Are we having a party tonight or what? Hi, is Sam in there? My Johnson Is 12 Inches Long. I can see it now, Andrews. Don’t let people miss on a great quote from the “PCU” movie – add it here! Some of movid PCU cast. They may not realize it yet.

I can see it now, Andrews. You can major in Game Boy if you know how to bullshit. So is Droz, who is desperately trying to rekindle a once-promising relationship with the lovely Samantha, now one of the radical “womynists.