I believe it is my work with her that truly prepared me for the bigger responsibilities and challenges I am facing today. Second, companies can use profits, employee competencies and expertise, products and advertising to support and promote a social agenda. Soft-systems reengineering To address issues or concerns in this area, an organizational culture management program was designed. Implemented in seven developing countries, the purpose of the initiative was to collect and document information on business-community practices as perceived by all stakeholders, build partnerships with them and promote corporate social responsibility practices. This group will build up an internal capability to solicit, manage and implement grant programs for and on behalf of donors and clients.

With the aid of the Ladies Club, reforestation efforts have been started and sustained along the quarry access roads and on the limestone hills of Naga. Core positions mean that the organization needs these positions for its existence and, as such, the organization will ensure continuity of employment for these positions and their incumbents. Out-of-school youths in the Naga community are also included in the computer training being held by NNHS on Saturdays. I assisted in her post-presidency political and developmental advocacy work until she passed on in August, When CEMEX Philippines began to manage the plant in , it instituted several mechanisms to ensure that APO would stop being a health hazard and would not cause any damage either to the communities or to the environment.

Looking for the Barako, Finding a Cause As the company started to get recognition as a major coffee chain, especially with the arrival in the country of international coffee brands such as Starbucks, Figaro was in search of the popular Barako coffee. Since the company is primarily a coffee distributor and coffee shop operator, it did not have prior experience in actually growing coffee for commercial production.

pbsp case study

Clearly, it was time for the organization to take some drastic measures if it wanted to continue to operate at an optimum level and carry itself forward into the next decades. To ensure that APO complies with environmental regulations, the plant employs the strictest available dust emission screening technology i. Lectures made by personnel on environmental impact are considered by the company as mentoring and are cae in the Key Result Areas and personnel assessment caze the concerned staff.


Officials continue to seek the establishment of a stronger co-ordination with the Environmental Management Bureau of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to further educate them on the provisions of the Mining and Clean Air Acts. Change management program A change management program was instituted to ensure that the attitudes, frame of mind and perspective of the staff will complement the requirements of the five-year plan.

Father Roger hailed from the southern province of Bohol and has made coffee his life. This was an important distinction as the old vision of PBSP was defined to be a vision of the ideal society it wanted to achieve and its old mission was the means to achieve the vision.

Case study: Philippine Business for Social Progress – More than wishful thinking

The crucial question for PBSP was whether it could meet the financial requirements of its five-year plan from its traditional sources of funds.

As a global company engaged in a business that draws environmental concerns from the different sectors in society, CEMEX recognises its responsibility in ensuring that its operations all over the world meet the most stringent environmental and health regulations. The redundancy program The redundancy program abolished 37 positions and affected 27 staff costing PhP 7.

The Complex is equipped with facilities that allow for interaction between and among the employees and the community in an informal setting which contributes to stronger community relations.

As to the role of CEMEX employees in community development, CEMEX supports the participation of its employees in actions and events that contribute to the development of the community and organisations that foster communal growth, provided such participation does not interfere with their job performance.

Establishing an institutionalised volunteerism system is a step towards more active employee participation in community relations.

pbsp case study

The volunteering projects of the Ladies Club not only benefit the communities, but the employees as well. Still, they maintain objectivity in their dealings with the plant owners to ensure that this does not compromise their mandated responsibility of maintaining the balance between economic development and environmental protection.


Tête-à-tête with Rafael “Rapa” Lopa of Philippine Business for Social Progress | BCtA

With plans to establish the programme in 22 provinces, Cavite beside Metro Manila will serve as the model province with activity jumpstarting from the town of Amadeo. For effective change management, the organization must provide the requisite financial investment. The implementation of an integrated development program for its nearby communities, the CEMEX with a Heart Program, and the strong corporate volunteerism being instituted by the company, both through the APO Ladies Club and through individual employee volunteer activities, has also earned the trust of the community.


Nothing like discovering what you are passionate about and working hard each day one is blessed with. Individual targets of staff are also articulated, finalized, carried through, assessed and, when merited, rewarded. Financial efficiency trend of PBSP The Corplan team tracked the internal efficiency ratio of PBSP, plotting down lbsp expenses in relation to revenues generated by the organization.

Since the plant operates on a hour basis, the cas themselves have limited capacity for volunteering activities and are not able to participate in the community activities as often as they would have liked. Search How to Titles Subjects Organizations. The diagnosis highlighted organizational weaknesses as perceived by the staff.

Case 5: Philippine business for social progress (PBSP): Organizational change management

The redundancy program, as a preventive intervention, ensured the organization remained viable. This saddened Figaro, as Barako. Recycled oil barrels were even donated to each Barangay office for use as garbage cans.

As President Benigno S. Article featured in the September issue of Alliance magazine.

Mechanization and increased efficiency in other parts of the world had greatly brought down the price of coffee. Creation of new units or groups Figure The Internal Audit Unit was scaled down to an internal audit function headed by a manager.

The program was not done when the organization was in a financial distress, rather it was done in the context of the five-year and the sustainability plans of the organization. He knew that to assist them to attain spiritual awakening or enrichment, he first had to learn what crops they grew, how they made their livelihoods.

These were meant to provide more confidence for the staff in searching for jobs.