In this procedure the two codes are passing forth and back information at each time step in such a way that one domain is affected by what happens in the other one. This application is particularly critical, since the interfaces between the two domain are characterized by being crossed by contact surfaces, compression and rarefaction waves and the velocity field is rarely uniform over the cross section. Piston position Piston position Valve lift Valve lift Start End Cells at start at end at start at end [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] Mesh 1 0 20 89 The comparison shows that the fully 1D approach, being also very fast, is able to predict with fairly good accuracy the global trend of the TL. The point velocity field u is then used to modify point positions:

Combustion Science and Technology, It is very important that the total domain mass is conserved after each remapping phase. Geometry decomposi- for a four-stroke engine mesh: To keep an optimum mesh size and avoid grid distor- tions close to the valves, a combination of different topological changes is used to add or remove cell layers, to deal with sliding mesh interfaces and the valve closure event. Geometry data of the Mitsubishi-GDI engine studied. Engine geometry and experimen- Table 2: Acoustics of ducts and mufflers.

However, the PSR model correctly captures the mixing-controlled combustion phase.

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Gen- erally unstructured grids are used to account for complex shapes like piston bowls, cylinder head and valves. Acoustics of ducts combkstion mufflers. To these ends, the authors illustrated the implementation of Diesel combustion models and its application to simulate the SAN- DIA constant-volume test cases, whose data are available to the research community for model assessment.


openfoam thesis combustion

Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power, In Figure 8 the simulated geometry is shown: SAE Paper, Multi-dimensional modeling of gas exchange and fuel-air mixing processes in a direct-injection, gas fueled engine. Oil and Gas Science and Technology, 54 no. Pressure versus crank angle: Start End Severe non-orth. Quadratic diffusion was used in the Equation 1 [12] to increase the mesh quality and reduce its distortion close to the moving valves.

openfoam thesis combustion

Each mesh is moved combusttion a certain crank angle interval and the flow is solved on it, then all the computed fields are mapped on the new mesh. A multiple-region decomposition for a typical two-stroke engine mesh is illustrated in Figure The proposed approach, based on the solution of the Rie- mann problems at each boundary cell, allows the simulation of the unsteady flows in complex systems such as intake plenums, multi-pipe junctions and silencers. Computed flow field for the Seatek engine cylinder head.

The grid is refined close to the port and valve walls to a size about 1 mm. The maximum cell size used is 3 mm, while the number of cells is between and thousands for all the adopted meshes.


Several works concerning this topic have been published during the last few years, among which three common strategies can be identified.

Two approaches are possible: Unsteady multi-dimensional numerical simulation of turbulent flames is a widely recognized tool for research and development of future internal combustion engines capable of satisfying stringent requirements for ultra-low emission and highly efficient energy conversion.


To these ends, the authors have contributed over the last years to the development OpenFOAM applications for internal combustion engine simulation, considering its prerequisites to be fully open-source and written in an highly efficient object-oriented programming, which allow an easy implementation and testing of new models.

The computed and experimental lift-off lengths are compared in Figure The comgustion geometry has been established according to [24].

Geometry decomposi- for a four-stroke engine mesh: Theoretical and Numerical Combustion. The main geometry data are summarized in Table 4. Mesh quality for each target mesh at the beginning and at the end of its crank angle interval. Boxiong Chen ; [] Keywords: Cell-and-face decomposition of a combustikn cell into tetrahedra.

Emissions from Two-Stroke Engines. Cavitation is a vaporization process that commonly happens in high-pressure injector nozzles nowadays. The pressure and velocity field shown in Fig.

openfoam thesis combustion

SAE Technical paper,September AIAA Journal, 37 conbustion Ehsan Yasari ; [] Keywords: A fully 1D investigation of this engine has been recently published, in which a detailed description of the 1D approach for the multi-pipe junction and of the combustion model can be found [3].