Lecturer, college of information engineering, Zhejiang university of Technology, China. Then getting older liao see girl together also. How committed are you when you make a decision? National University of Singapore. I doubt his grades were slipping lately.

The university plans to raise its number of counsellors and take this support system into cyberspace. And you would be right. How committed are you when you make a decision? Try go exchange nearby, cheaper also. Even though some of our faculty members are pretty well-trained to notice and detect these students at risk and offer help, some of them may actually reject it.

But for those who don’t want to commit to one track, CNM is a good fit. Are you interested to explore other areas of humanities, arts, and social sciences like linguistics, culture, economics, geography, and history, while sharpening your critical thinking and argumentative skills at the same time? Senior Research Engineer, Delta Electronics. Separately, David’s family flew in from Indonesia, to cremate his body on Tuesday.

For example, FASS is really obsessed with the idea that its students should “have broad exposure to fields of knowledge beyond their specialisation” and “develop the rhetorical knowledge, the composing practices, and the critical thinking skills that are necessary to understand and shape meaning for different audiences”, because of “the inherently argumentative nature of all of the FASS disciplines”.


Students don’t have many module spaces left free to explore the vital hands-on aspects of communications like public relations or visual design, particularly in their first three years.

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Integrated smart sensor based application for Health, Fitness or Wellness Enhancement 1st job: Cheng Chen chen e. Gibran Limi Jaya gibr e. Last edited by gohweihan; at If you prefer reading and thinking about stuff, CNM would be a better match for you.

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It’s way beyond my field of experience. University of Electronic Science and TechnologyChina 1st job: If you do this, you may not have as much expertise concentrated in one area, but the diverse range of knowledge and skills you possess nu up more opportunities for you across varied job functions.

ntu fyp thesis

If you can’t, or just answered with a vague “um, something related to communications??? But these are just for reference and you don’t have to stick to just one area. Many students pursue university courses in Communications because they aspire to join the communications industry as corporate communications executives, public relations account managers, social media content developers, website administrators, application designers, copywriters, journalists, and so on.

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There isn’t a straightforward answer to this, obviously. Dalian University of Technology.

Finally, inCNM was given full status as a department. Li Ghesis e e. Last edited by anathema; at Development of smart pattern generator and logic analyzer using FPGA.


Try go exchange nearby, cheaper also. So keep that in mind as you read through this post. Oh, while we’re at journalists and TV producers, let me correct a misconception. Project OfficerMay. Beijing University of Aeronautics and Thrsis, China. We and our counsellors are here to comfort all of them.

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If you made it to this point, congratulations and thanks for persevering through the entire lengthy article. Sometimes these “raw data” can be put in appendix.

ntu fyp thesis

Coupled with the above is the bespoke nature of the FASS curriculum. Many netizens expressed shock over the incident, saying that a case like this is unexpected in Singapore. If that happens, you’re also free to choose more modules from that area, in essence creating your own track.

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The problem here is evidently sufficient details may not be given. This is on top of the university’s five full-time counsellors. HardwareZone Forum Insider on Facebook.