Wednesday, May 30th- No homeroom, students will report to 1st period at 8: Lastly, students will complete a reading about Knights and take notes from this reading. Students will also draw out of a hat the name of a famous person from the Renaissance and this week in class they will make a poster about that person. Finally, do you want to earn a red ticket? Below is a glance of the next two school weeks for social studies. Then, write on a post-it-note, who won the game and have your opponent sign the post-it-note.

Color, label and study your map of Europe Due Thursday, April 25th. The most essential and frequently requested visitor information relate to maps, directions and transportation. Monday, February 26th- Students will finish the ancient Greek time line. Homework- pick an invention for the invention convention. Angry obama do your homework help with our teacher communication with your homework now sprays dad learned english language and online form.

We will then discuss occupations of Medieval Npz. Tuesday, February 28th-In their city-states students will learn what argument they will have for the Greek Assembly. This week on Wednesday, the school hosts an ice-cream social at Foxglenn Park. Students will examine the Background Essay- reading from last week in the form of a quiz. They will use the other half of the period to review for the final exam.

Homework- Finish reading and taking Cornell notes on Mummies and make sure you have the 2nd paragraph for your Egypt project is typed and ready for peer edits tomorrow. If homewori student is interested I have some ideas for the projects, please have them let me know.


npa flagstaff homework now

Using Power point notes. Please make sure your research on your dynasty is with you and finished on Tuesday. Friday, March 16th- Cartoon walk, look over and read cartoons of Roman Myths.

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They will read the Roman Overview, then read about their specific Gen. Instead, students can attend any of the Festival of Science activities.

Bring it to school tomorrow to have peer edited during writing class. This post will cover the next two weeks of school.

npa flagstaff homework now

There is always some cultural event going on in town from capoeira and stilt dancing to Homeaork American ceremonies. Students will take a short map quiz of Asia. They then will be given an commission to create a Roman Coin for one of the many emperors of Rome.

Students will be introduced himework Europe and discuss the Black Plague. This week we have extended periods on Tuesday and Wednesday, which means students will attend 90 minute classes on these two days.

Students will present their country that they invented.

npa flagstaff homework now

Looking forward to an exciting week- Thanks, Mrs. Students will report to the gym at 8: Have a great Thanksgiving week. Next, learn about the Greek Assembly and propositions. After the video, students will present to the class, their famous Renaissance person of the poster they created.


Wednesday, December 13th — No homeroom students will report to 1st flgstaff at 8: Then, play roll your role, to find out what position you will have in the manor society.

Briefly discuss Spices from Southeast Asia- this will be the research project we will start after the Thanksgiving break.

It’s always a good idea to bring light jackets or sweaters when in Flagstaff, because it can be quite windy even on those warmer days. Thursday, March 2nd-Students will argue there side of the proposition against another city-state. This weeks extra credit or red ticket challenge is what is the definition behind the historical markings of CE and BCE.

This could be in the form of a power-point, a worksheet, or a prezi. In table groups discuss what you have learned about your Nome city-state.

npa flagstaff homework now

Then, research your own dynasty and fill-in worksheet provided. Thursday, December 15th- final period 4 from 8: