An activity sheet looking at causes of earthquakes. Weather and climate These resources are red hot Structure of the Earth. What happens at plate margins? Response The way and which people react to a situation. Secondary effects 13th January earthquake:

To introduce students to the causes and effects of earthquake activity. Terms and conditions Teachit Terms and Conditions Below you will find our terms and conditions. Shensi Earthquake By Allanah Mackenzie. As a Teachit Geography subscriber you’ll get access to all of our resources, including Word documents, PowerPoints and interactive…. Keep me logged in.

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medc earthquake case study san francisco

Word gap pages Closing the word gap: It applies to data collected when you participate in our…. Shops and business casd destroyed. KS3 Hazards Physical processes. Composite volcano Primary effects: Ready-made Magnet activities Interactive Magnet activities Having trouble using the activities? Effects of the San Francisco Earthquake The effects of the earthquake included: The collapse was caused partly by soil faiture and also the unsuitable design of the supporting piers.


As the two plates move past each other, pressure builds up due to friction. Assure prompt assistance to victims. What happened to the other stories? On the plate boundary between the Juan de Fuca plate and North American plate. Transport links are damaged. Strengthening old buildings by: Distance from the epicentre The effects of an franxisco are more severe at its centre. Please log in or join us to access our resources.


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California Case Study by Tansy Lloyd-Benson on Prezi

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Secondary effects Potential impact to the city of Hilo, though lava from the eruption did not impact the city In the eruption, lava reached the sea within 4 hours of the eruption and destroyed a village There has only been one recorded fatality from eruptions of Mauna Loa. Share buttons are a little bit lower.


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medc earthquake case study san francisco

This causes the Himalayas to rise by 5mm a year. Use the following headings to help you: