However, even in the field of gaming, with examples like Nintendo Wii and the Xbox Kinect, there have been successful examples of utilizing intuitive and alternative ways to interact with media. Also since the PR-approach does not offer much in terms of interaction it does not offer much to the debate of museum authority versus constructivism. First pose Figure In this chapter I present the proposals, the opinions and response of Dansmuseet as well as my own analysis of the proposal based on the theory I have disclosed earlier in the thesis. In a sense the assignment has been to improve the visit to the museum exhibit in terms of interactivity, and I will outline below what my research questions were and what general approach and method I chose to answer them.

After all three poses are performed, the game shows the three photos in an enlarged version as shown in figure 54, and the user gets the choice of saving it by sending it to his or her e-mail, or delete it. The mask wall Figure However I also wanted inspiration as well as an idea of what had already been done in the field. As seen in figure 12 the user gets a number of potential tags to choose from as well as the option of creating a new tag. Figure 4 shows the model version of the entrance to the main exhibition while figure 5 shows a more general view of the actual interior of the exhibition room.

Hudson et al, The i-Pads are connected to museum objects in the exhibition and they have QR-codes that users can tag. Kh only had limited information in relation to the exhibit-objects and at first used information kiosks to present more information to those who wanted it.

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First pose Figure Since the majority of people were students this workshop was henceforth referenced as “the student workshop”.

Figure 4 shows the model version of the entrance to the main exhibition while figure 5 shows a more general view of the actual interior of the exhibition room. Start screen Figure There is support for the claim that a new type of research paradigm is needed when it comes to the subject of enhancing the museum visit with interactive media.


Does this activate in a proper way in relation to both Dansmuseet and museums in general? Prior experiences, knowledge and interests of the visitor; Physical Context: Also, the seemed exhibit really managed to reach out to several different age-groups with its presented material, especially children seemed to have been taken into account when adjusting the presented material.

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Just looking at the smartphone-examples it is clear that they can be very different as they had vastly different roles. It does not further the discussion of museum authority in any serious way and it is cec focused on the actual time spent in the museum. By tagging the QR-codes, the visitor can post comments that are not only accessible from within the museum but also online and each object is linked to its own twitter hashtag allowing users to follow the discussions.

You’ll find the most up-to-date work there, along with issue trackers etc.

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I-pad with information Figure 9: The other museums I visited did not seem to have any notable online presence except for a homepage and a Facebook presence, which all the museums had. The staff at Dansmuseet really appreciated the notion of being able to collect and share exhibition items in a digital capacity.

Job description We are looking for a PhD with a keen interest in implementation and adaption of image analysis algorithms for quantitative analysis of microscopy data to join the Thesid BIIF https: The focus-enhancing quality of this proposal is why it should be taken under serious consideration by museums that are thinking of implementing a game-like activity within their halls.

With the limitations set the research questions could be formed, which would form the basis for the future work: However, by looking at the flag using Google Glasses the visitor is shown images, videos and interactive experiences that are based on American history mater culture.


Does the approach add anything significant to the debate regarding Museum Authority, and in that case what?

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Dance steps with connected Dance to Play was a proposal which was about using a different kind of interaction which is illustrated in figure If the voice-actor or singer in the installation does a poor job, or the script used for recording the session is sub-par, then the interaction as a whole will suffer.

To find proper proposals to suggest to Dansmuseet I research through literature studies to find key terms and themes within the field of museum exhibition research. These options are connected to an exhibit item in the way of suggesting different shapes or forms the user should paint which is exemplified in figure Still, it is a proposal worth to consider and analyze and it does have enough unique qualities, most notably the fact that it is a stethoscope, that as a whole it is a proposal highly worth to consider.

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In this touch screen kiosk the users can create their own images as well as playing games. It provides some suggestions that I then take into a workshop performed with the staff at Dansmuseet, resulting in further insight into what constitutes the design space. This is maser to consider as much of the theory I used in the process partakes in this very debate.

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However I also wanted inspiration as well as an idea of what had already been done in the field. Master thesis supervisor in Computer Science Application Deadline: But it is also a form of digital connection showcased in this proposal that makes it relevant for the future.

Putting the relevant parts into perspective and into a coherent conclusion is no easy task. There are several different interactions scattered across the museum such as karaoke-singing along dance-performing and quizzes.