Model view of exhibition 1. Also as was questioned by virtually everyone in the interviews and workshops it provides possible activation and encouragement to experience more of the exhibition. QR- codes are another form of doing this, but based on the responses from particularly the student workshop they seem unwieldy in comparison to the way it has already been done with the drawers. Smith and Tinio, 2. This sounds good in theory, but it is important to investigate how ubiquitous QR-codes as an approach is. The definition is essentially that they require little to no training and are easily accessed and can be implemented within the context of the museum. Interactive Art is crucial to the scope of this thesis, since it is a definition of the technology that can be present within the museum.

Overall it seemed extremely feasible, using accessible technology and being essentially finished in content in the actual proposal. The explorer may have this goal as well, but the other three types of social identity based visits clearly have the outspoken goal of partaking in an experience within the exhibition space. The definition is essentially that they require little to no training and are easily accessed and can be implemented within the context of the museum. The proposal may in some way interact with the trajectory of a museum visitor, but Charles Kovoroly, chief Scenographer, established early that it is important to ask what exactly dance is, as that is the very core of what Dansmuseet is about. Dance to Play Figure

The most effective apps can also take into account very different functions that the smartphone mwster itself supports, like cameras, web-access, motion detection and others.

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We are looking for a PhD with a keen interest in implementation and adaption of image analysis algorithms for quantitative analysis of microscopy data to join the SciLifeLab BIIF https: I’m interested in the whole security field, but I have a soft spot for privacyi. However this presentation of the truth is complex since there is seldom just one truth connected to the object.

However, this resistance was not apparent among the staff at Dansmuseet. Smith and Tinio, 2.

All of the participants at the workshop was against this proposal and deemed the notion of allowing likes and comments unfitting. Judging by these two examples there is a similar way in presenting information, in placing the information out of sight until a visitor looks vsc it. A museum visit may seem to be simple and lacking any layers of complexity but there are numerous types of museums and therefore it might not even be that easy to define what an actual museum can be.


By finding the object number and entering it into the application the user comes to figure These memories become stronger depending on three factors: He had used these models previously to make it clear for the other staff involved in the construction and design what steps needed to be made, and now he used the same models to make that clear to me. Both the Horizon Report NMC, as well as some of the participants in the workshops questions if smartphone technology is a durable form of technology.

What if the information could be presented through a theatrical stage, or puppet theaters? The staff at Dansmuseet felt that while it was interesting to originate from an thessis style of technological approach, there simply was not any room for this type of idea.

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A possible discussion can take place after the actual museum visit has been done, and it is a very clear way to have a discussion and appreciation for the exhibition items solely perpetrated by the visitors. Essentially these were prototypes that were presented to the staff at Dansmuseet, resulting in further understanding of what constituted the design space.

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According to Richard and Jonathan it was easy to implement and cheap as well, making it very accessible for the museum. Be that as it may, sources suggest that there are developments that need to take place if museums will be able to utilize interactive technology. What is the most prominent quality of Dansmuseet worth to present in an application? In terms of the theories I have discussed, this proposal does not interact with them significantly within the museum.

My Cssc Collection This was one of the few suggestions that were based on smartphone technology.

The method is a form of participatory design, as I present my findings to the staff at Dansmuseet in order to define what the design space is in regards to the design challenge.


Weilenmann, Hillman and Jungselius, It is interesting that the study discusses the fact that museum environments are extremely well designed, often with a scientific precision. First pose Figure It does not however provide any significant form of constructivism nor does it have any presence outside the museum.

The way dance is presented here feels off in the sense that it thedis simplistic to simply step on different positions.

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While what I discussed in related work was interactive art, a topic very much relevant to museums what I am specifically discussing here is a type of research that acknowledges technologies that enhances the museum experience, but also takes into account what the relevant models for defining the museum visit are. There are also questions that are meant to characterize themes in the museum, which are connected with QR-codes.

Every visitor interaction is story-making as visitors fit portions of our collections into personal frames of reference; most often in ways we neither intended nor anticipated.

By having video- technology that reflects a dance avatar in the window of Dansmuseet as people are walking by, as seen dsc figure 36, an interest will be formed for what is in the museum. A series of interviews were conducted with non-museum staff to get an outside perspective on what could be implemented as well as getting suggestions on what types of technology had already been implemented in other museums. Is the museum visit about learning or the experience?

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In this thesis, I have worked with the assignment of investigating what alternatives would serve Dansmuseet in Stockholm in terms of complementing their established exhibition. The exhibition items where all different property of Wilhelmina von Hallwyll and the visit consisted of walking in the different rooms while the guide presented the stories and overall gave a context for the visitors to frame the perceived artifacts into.