Quantum groups, free probability and non-commutative geometry. Gelfand pairs of quantum groups. De exposition is efficient, but occasionally very brief. The exposition of spatially homogeneous universes is outstanding by its coherence. Conference on Operator Spaces and Quantum Probability. Lecture notes, Bedlewo

The jury was impressed by the depth of this work, the demonstrated independence, and the originality of the results. Fourier Grenoble 68 , no. Floris Elzinga, master thesis expected Operator Theory 69 , preprint final version , journal “Spherical Fourier transforms on locally compact quantum Gelfand pairs”. Dynamical systems , 1st year course, 4th quarter. Workshop on quantum groups.

Operator algebrasmaster course, spring semester. The Haagerup property for arbitrary von Neumann algebras November 19, School on Topological Quantum Groups.

Geometry and Quantum Theory (GQT)

Other “On the endpoints of De Leeuw restriction theorems”. The Haagerup property for arbitrary von Neumann algebras. Fourier Grenoble 68no. Quantum gradient estimation and its applications to quantum reinforcement learning. Conference Topological quantum groups and harmonic analysis. Operator Spaces and Noncommutative Geometry in Interaction.


This shows that the originality of the work is very high. Joost showed deep insight in a difficult subject. The jury was impressed by the nice introduction, the helpful comments throughout, the pictures and the originality of the work. June 14th-June 20th, Quantum groups and non-commutative Lp-spaces. Modular properties of matrix coefficients of corepresentations of a martijjn compact quantum group.

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Winter school on “Banach Methods in Noncommutative Geometry: The thesis is well focused and seems understandable to fellow students. May May 19, De exposition is efficient, but occasionally very brief.

Seminar at QuTechDelft. Awarded magtijn the ASML thesis prize. Non-commutative harmonic analysis and perturbations of commutators. SIGMA 7, 39 pages. Dynamical systems1st year course, 4th quarter.

Hecke von Neumann algebras, operator spaces and absence of Cartan subalgebras January Non-commutative geometry seminar and research visit with A.

martijn caspers thesis

I preprint final version. Mini-workshop on operator algebraic quantum groups. Research visit at IPM. With Erik Koelink and Maarten van Pruijssen. Arjan Cornelissen, master thesis ; with Ronald de Wolf. Perturbations of commutators and a problem of Nazarov and Peller.


[] Graph products of operator algebras

Other One day course on “Geometry of discrete groups” summer school Utrecht Any comment, suggestion or question is more than welcome. De Rijk explains clearly where he wants to go and chooses a level of exposition which he is able to sustain.

martijn caspers thesis

The jury was of the opinion that all of the entries were of high quality. Gradient forms and strong solidity of free quantum groups May