The autonomous region may or may not be the basis for Federalizing the country. I hate to see my country follow suit. Retrieved September 8, — via YouTube. Because I am a finger-pointer myself — and I am very inclined right now to point the finger at culture and religion. A MILF spokesman accused the SAF squads of initiating the firefight, claiming that the rebels acted in self-defense, and proposed the continuation of the peace process.

They are all tabloids, sensationalist rags. Whichever way you cut it Abnoy thumbed down the chance to save the We are, therefore we must must push, throwing our grains of sand into the oceans of public opinion in hopes that an island will form. Clearly I am a slow learner. The billionaire backer of the coup that Senator Santiago failed to name during her Senate rant is allegedly Bobby Ongpin, who was close to Arroyo and is close to Binay. To have the perpetrators pay restitution to the relatives?

Lessons from Mamasapano

You are commenting using your Google account. To satisfy your justice instinct? It has to be. I remember now the failed attempt to rescue the hostages in the American embassy in Teheran: The middle class, to me, is that core of good reason and wholeness.

Mamasapano clash

Something that looks forward to an evolved Filipino character, and an evolved nation? The survey was commissioned by The Manila Times.

Sadly, many Filipinos will fall prey to his speculations and blame America as well when the role was probably limited to providing intelligence. Bahnarin and Benzar Amputuan were rivals at the Mayoral elections. The loyalty of this unit to MILF command has been suspect for a long time. Here is the cast of characters who can be identified based on their obnoxious acts:. Hearing and meeting the bereaved families’ sentiments has unmatched effect on me.


Newer Post Older Post Home. Now I often do sympathize a lot with Mariano. February 15, at 9: Yet this time, upon literally crossing over to the first town of Norte Badocmaybe it just might have been my imagination and the almost sudden change in terrain that something came over me that made me see the geography around in a way that is different during previous trips covering the succession of towns lining La Union and Ilocos Sur.

mamasapano encounter essay

Retrieved September 8, In enconuter effort to mend relations with the villagers in the area where the clash occurred, in the government began construction of a bridge over the river by the field where the 44 policemen were killed. Like, Mitt Romney would just not look right here. That skill is what makes Filipinos good OFWs and good call center agents. I heard all this laughter and loud conversation arising from the back house where the kitchen was, and where the help slept.

Rodrigo Duterte16th President of the Philippines. They lost the advantage of darkness on their exit.

mamasapano encounter essay

It is better to change the attitudes of the nation about what democracy means rather than keep up the endlessly destructive cycles in search of perfection, where perfection is someone who looks and thinks exactly like us. Americans can use drones and bomb Marwan if they wanted to.


I have not heard any credible source saying that there was a specific order from the President not to mount a rescue mission.

My first inclination was to argue about that, but as I reflected on it, I do agree that there is missing some point of commonality mamzsapano the diverse segments that make up the Philippines. February 16, at 3: The tipping point is reached when a sufficient number of individuals group together on one scale.

FDLS Online Magazine: Reaction Paper : Mamasapano, Maguindanao Massacre (Fallen 44)

So, it is lose lose situation …. I believe they were stopped from reaching their assigned positions when they came under fire, and they remained under fire. Major noble families surrendered to the Spanish in exchange for exemption from forced labor, a lot of them were assimilated into the principalia and helped the Spanish rule.

Hey lady, it is not a court of law, a kangaroo encounnter, it is a discovery panel. Now the people might bring heat to bear, as they did with Richard Nixon, but the succession of leadership is followed in a regular way.

Distorting facts more than information shredded away to bin to cover up?