To detect the harmonic voltages, the active filter is characterized as behaving like a resistor for harmonic frequencies [ – ]. The shunt APF is indirect current controlled. Thus it reduces the control complexity of the DG inverter as well as improves the PQ of the microgrid. In [ 20 ], a particle swarm optimization PSO method is used to find the solution of the objective function derived for minimizing real power injection of UPQC along with the constraints. In this case, the values of APFsh are stepped down by Initially in Stage 1, the supply voltage has no deficiency:. Remember me on this computer.

Abstract This paper proposes a fuzzy logic based new control scheme for the Unified Power Quality Conditioner UPQC for minimizing the voltage sag and total harmonic distortion in the distribution system consequently to improve the power quality. The possible maximum can be found from 6. Similar approachs can be implemented for the harmonic current compensation separately or in combination with reactive compensation. In Stage 2, according to Figure 3 ,. Ogasawara, Implementation and performance of cooperative control of shunt active filters for harmonic damping throughout a power distribution system, IEEE Trans.

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Fuzzy logic, neural networks, and soft computing. Two or more inverters operating in parallel must achieve the following features: In that case, introducing the common mode inductor in the APFsh units can be a better choice.

In this research, the fuzzy logic controller is utilized for the generation of reference signal controlling the UPQC. Extended merit of the UPQC includes the following: Paper presentation in power point. Based on the logic given in Fig 5. From forward to reverse flow is created by increasing during the sag compensation, as shown in Fig 5.


The fuzzy logic controller has recently attracted a great deal of attention and possesses conceptually the quality of the simplicity by tackling complex systems with vagueness and ambiguity. This paper proposes a fuzzy logic based new control scheme for the Unified Power Quality Conditioner UPQC for minimizing the voltage sag and total harmonic distortion in the distribution system consequently to improve the power quality.

Practically, the maximum switching frequency depends on the type of power switching devices.

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Enhancing electric power quality using UPQC: In such conditions, C in 11 plays an important role, while the role of E is diminished. Depending on the control mechanism, the placement of sensors is also shown there.

It can also act as a series active power filter APFseisolating the source from harmonics generated on the load side. Kluwer Academic Publishers; The approaches with multiple inverters have already been demonstrated to be very effective for increasing the capacity. When an ant has to choose between two or more paths, the path s with a larger amount of pheromone have a greater probability of being chosen by the ant. Based on the logic given in Fig 5. The islanding mode is observed between 1.

The evaluation expression for this method is.

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A droop control method can be developed for reactive and harmonic current compensation for implementation in a D-UPQC system. A comparative summary table has been given and it is found that a combination of feed-forward and feedback topology gives better results. Best dissertation writing software.


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Artificial ants imitate the behavior of real ants of how they forage the food but can solve much more complicated problems than real ants can. This current is compensated for by the fourth leg of the shunt AF, thus reducing the supply-neutral current to zero.

The control litersture for islanding detection and reconnection is placed in the secondary level. Therefore extensive research has been carried out and an overview of the existing protection techniques with islanding operation and control, for preventing disconnection of DGs during loss of grid, has been discussed in [18].

literature review on upqc

But lietrature values of are comparatively higher for A5. Therefore, the utility grid supplies the rest of the power to the load which is not met by the DG supply.

The authors declare that there is no conflict of interests regarding the publication of this paper. Here, the switching frequency will also be minimum. Smart control of UPCQ within microgrid energy system. Communications of the ACM. To receive news and publication updates for The Scientific World Journal, enter your email address in the box below.

These voltage or current signals could be on the supply side, the load side or on the compensating side. Thus the flexibility of time for compensating the sag can be achieved before islanding.