With reference to 38 the spread working funds ratio, the efficiency of the commercial banks as a whole has declined in the post-reform period. An Overview for Graduate Students. They carry a rate of interest which is less than interest rate on fixed deposits. The one, which is developed for the study, will be completely of urban nature. The flexibility of ICM is due to the nonregulated character of these firms unlike formal sector. All these firms are considered as informal credit intermediaries. Further, they felt that since net interest margin will continue to remain compressed in a deregulated interest rate regime, a lot of effect would have to be made to mitigate this through generation of non-interest income.

Srivastava viewed that all these characterisations had various shortcomings. Operational efficiency is calculatedin terms of total business and salary expenditure per employee. Some commercial banks are authorized by the central bank to deal in foreign exchange. It has been ill relation to the study of informal sector and not based on informal credit markets. Banks provide the facility of economical and easy remittance of funds from place-to- place with the help of instruments like demand drafts, mail transfers, etc. Flexibility of operation implied escape from regulation.

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In Kerala there are many institutions which run chitty activities. The definition used by Lamberte in his study seemed to be a best definition comparing with the otliers.

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World Bank study suggested that the main constituent in the informal credit markets comprised of neighbours, friends and relatives, landowners, pawn literaturr, professional moneylenders, merchants, shopkeepers and moneykeepers.

All three types of Deposits have continuously grown during the study period, though the rate of growth was highest in fixed deposits.


This concept was developed in relation to the topic or title of ‘financial dualism’.

literature review on ksfe

Das sincerely felt that the whole banking sector in India is to be revolutionized to cope with the changing dimensions of the satellite one world. Strong capital position and balance sheet place, Banks in better position to deal with and absorb the economic constant over a period of time.

These companies are exempted from compulsory registration because they are primarily engaged in conventional chit fund activities and the concerned Registrar of Chit fund would be monitoring their activities. Write up your literature analysis with this template that’s already set up for you with a cover page, headings, and formatting for a great looking.

This is mainly due to the sheer diversity of informal credit arrangements and the heterogeneity of informal lenders. They claim that this survey is a comprehensive one, which evaluates the performance of private, public, Indian, and foreign Banks operating in Reviw.

Any number of Rs. The findings show that PSBs performed significantly better than private sector banks but not differently from foreign banks.

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Banks collect and publish statistics relating to trade, commerce and industry. In addition to this, inter alia, the foreman should deposit an amount equal to the chitty amount or invest in government securities and transfer the amount so deposited or the government securities in favour of Registrar of chit funds.

Among them neighbours, friends and relatives literaturw the most important source of informal credit. They have taken two categories of Banks Public and Private Sector. Hence their activities are termed as informal. Thus the reeview of action for informal credit markets enables them to cover fully the cost of lending by charging a higher rate of interest as well as any risk of default that may remain despite their close: They were regulated by governmental laws and regulations and not yet by monetary Inw: No informal operations seem to occur since these institutions are directly accountable to the Government.


The main kinds of deposits are: Some commercial banks are authorized by the central bank to deal in foreign exchange. Different types of loans and advances made by Commercial banks are: Selecting four different categories of indicators-Business Performance, Efficiency, Vulnerability and labor productivity indicators, carried out the analysis.

literature review on ksfe

The one, which is developed for the study, will be completely of urban nature. Little guidance is available. He included Rosca, landlords, millers, traders, and other agents in the. It was agreed at the Design Workshop held in Manila, the Philippines in connection with the country studies under the auspices of the Asian Development Bank ADB that the formal and informal credit markets fonn a continuum, and where in this continuum the line of demarcation fell would be a litfrature specific decision.

literature review on ksfe

Besides there were interpenetration of the markets both by banks and non-banks rt: Statistical techniques like Ratios, Percentages, Compound Annual rate of growth and averages are computed for the purpose of meaningful comparison and analysis. According to them non-existence of regulation was the distinctive characteristic of informal credit markets.

It received an A. Therefore, one should rely on latest information.