It is important for the health workers to embrace the spirit of public and private partnership in order to implement sustainable hygiene practices to eradicate jigger in the area. The area which is administratively divided in to eight villages namely Rukoroi, Gakira, Kianjogu, Watuku, Gathanji, Rugaita, Gachagi and Githunguri was purposively sampled due to jigger persistence. State of the compound Figure Respondents knowledge on causes of jigger infestation Figure 5: Data analysis and presentation: Prevalence is highest in children, diminishing in adults and then increasing again in elderly. Heukelbach J, et al.

Area and Administrative Units of the Divisions Table 2: Twenty five years later, the flea had invaded the whole of the African continent. Household members, CHEWs, CHWs, teachers and pupils should take special efforts to undertake communal activities aimed at jigger prevention and control e. This agrees with Nordberg which states that dry sweeping contributes to increase of dust on the floor and thus creates spraying as a method of controlling jigger fleas. However it is still prevalent where people live in extreme poverty, occurring in many Latin American and African countries. These included a curse Inclusion and exclusion criteria:

Respondents usage of closed shoes Figure 9: The disease is associated with poverty.

The study used descriptive cross sectional design where a rural area was purposely sampled to determine the knowledge, attitude and practices among liteerature members, aged 18 to 60 years the most affected age despite the level of maturity on jigger infestation, prevention and control [ 10 ]. By continuing to literature this site you agree to us using cookies as described in About Cookies Remove maintenance message.

Literature review on jigger infestation

A cross-sectional jiggeg study design was used. However it is still prevalent where people live in extreme poverty, occurring in many Latin American and African countries.

literature review on jigger infestation

Practices on jigger prevention and control as well as jigger infestation were measured using questions on; preferred methods of jigger removal, awareness of individual and communal jigger prevention activities and awareness of the communal activities planners, jigger infested persons seen at the time of infestationn study and reasons for jigger persistence at this time and era. The population of children below 18yrs is 39, with 20, being boys and 19, girls.


Lymphadenopathy – The swelling of lymph nodes. This could be a contributing factor to the risk of being affected with jiggers according to www.

literature review on jigger infestation

Knowledge, Attitude and Practices on jigger infestation among household members aged years: Mwadzina, my class tutor and all the entire staff for working hand in hand with me and supporting me with my research till the very end. The rationale for the design was essentially due to the nature of the study and time allocated for the study. Knowledge on jigger infestation is high but this has not translated to jigger prevention and control in the area.

Wearing shoes daily and not sitting or literzture in the sand are the most important steps in reducing infestation risks. The localization, number and stage of penetrated fleas, as well as the associated morbidity, were documented. infesyation

Respondents knowledge on how one can tell someone is infested with jiggers Figure 6: Any part of the human anatomy can be affected. Top ten Diseases Table 5: To ensure that children attain a minimum period of schooling, ijfestation government of Ghana has committed itself to a number of international protocols to provide basic education for all Ghanaian children. Compound maintenance and jigger infestation: Sampling interval Villages Procedure Kth interval Mugumoini 4 3 Mithandukuini 41 8 Mabanda 45 7 Therefore, the above will be the sampling interval for the respective villages.

The average age of the respondents was Further approval by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology was granted. Growing urbanization, improved housing and use of appropriate footwear presumably have led to an overall reduction of the occurrence of these ectoparasites within the last decade.


Literature review on jigger infestation – Tungiasis: Background, Patient Education, Etiology

In total, The study revealed that the majority Table 2 Household members jigger experience and infestation. Along the review of tracks are often vesicle, infestatioj itching leads to secondary changes of dermatitis and bacterial infection.

I Zumla 22nd edition which states that after days the infection begin to irritate and that severe ulceration and inflammation ensues, so that scratching helps to expel large numbers of white eggs from the jigger, thus this indicates that effects of jigger infestation were well known in the community.

literature review on jigger infestation

Go to old article view Advertisement. His description included the symptomology, pathology, prognostic, treatment and prophylaxis for tungiasis. In some areas where fleas are prevalent, spraying the ground with an insecticide such as Malathion can significantly reduce the number of infestations. Peninah the Principal, Mr.

The descriptive study design used allowed for a point in time assessment of the study variable where household member’s knowledge, attitude and practices as well as jigger prevalence late were assessed.

The structured interview scheduled collected quantitative data on four thematic areas namely respondent’s demographic characteristic, knowledge, attitude and practices through face to face interviews by the researcher and the research assistants.

This could have been the major contributing factor and it underlines the need to include cleanliness of our compounds in the control litfrature aiming at reduction of jigger infestation in the human population.