The expected Valedictorian becomes Salutatorian, and the expected Salutatorian becomes Valedictorian. Home News Technology Entertainment Sports. If a school cannot allow a person to speak freely her feelings then where else could she exercise such freedom? Since this has become a national interest, some of my colleagues and I expressed our two cents on the issue, which led us to watch the video. But still, Kristel cannot take the law into her hands.

They should have known better. They acted as any guilty person would, and that is to stop the other person from finishing what they had to say. There is nothing wrong for schools to allow students to speak their minds, but i guess doing it in a graduation ceremony is going beyond what is acceptable. The school also said Ernesto shouted at several teachers. Get in touch through my linkedin account https:

They acted as any guilty person would, and that is to stop the other person from finishing what they had to say. The Valedictory award may or may not be for you but one thing is for sure, you have survived high school with flying colors. Having read the background story on this video, it only shows the school administrators in bad light.

kristel mallari full graduation speech

Krisel accepted the results but now facing some problems because of her speech, there is a chance that her teachers let her suffer before she gets her transcript and requirements to go in college. Gradution naman good luck sa inyo, at good luck din para sa kinabukasan ng paaralang ito.

The purpose is so you can earn a living. For argument purposes, if there are anomalies and the same was not addressed at school level, the next step is to elevate it to the Department of Education for them to properly handle the matter.


kristel mallari full graduation speech

The whole point of studying is to learn. For orders, call or text Ernesto Mallari ang mga guro. Log into your account.

A high school student intending to make a speech criticizing school administrators and teachers at her high school graduation was cut off a number of times and told to take her seat. The school also said Ernesto shouted at several teachers.

The story behind Krisel Mallari’s viral graduation speech.

It was then she was seen leaving the podium. It cannot be denied that the constitution protects our right to free speech but included in this right is kristrl responsible use of it. After reading the headlines regarding a school that allegedly stopped a salutatorian from reading her speech, I immediately reacted against the school. I am Krisel Mallari, a Filipino citizen who would rather choose to fail with honor, than win by cheating.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I did not see anything wrong with her speech. Eh kung sa graduation speech mo, walang karapatan yung kabila na sumagot,” Luistro said.

She was stopped a number of times from delivering the speech but Krisel continued to deliver her speech until the school principal approached her. Secretary Armin Luistro said airing the grievances during graduation does not give the school a chance to answer back. Yes, we go to school to study, but people that go up the ranks to become honor students go beyond what is krustel.


Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Some are in favor of Mallari’s bravery in seeking for justice while others say we should know the whole story first before judging anyone else. She also denied that her family bribed the school so that she would be named class valedictorian. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

The story behind Krisel Mallari’s viral graduation speech.

The kid might be smart and all, but what she did just shows arrogance. Off to college you go! For inquiries call Check out on this page the whole story and latest news on Krisel Mallari’s interrupted salutatorian’s speech.

Nino Parochial School SNPS has admitted the incident of stopping the speech of Mallari because it was not the “welcome remarks” originally submitted to them and may damage the reputation of the batch valedictorian. The video of the story posted on Youtube has been viewed more than 1, times since it was uploaded on March 21, The difference between a Valedictiorian and a Salutatorian is that the former precedes the latter.

Some of the comments from the social media say that it needed to happen to shed light to the anomalies that schools often do in computing the grades of honor students.

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