Use this as a starting point only, as it lacks the details required for your task. Not that the diggers knew this — at least, not at the start. He wrenches the rifle away, and as his enemy turns to flee, launches it like a spear. The campaign began when the Japanese landed in Papua in , July, stretching along the Kokoda Trail, and culminating in their frustration at Oivi-Gorari in November. Unlike the 39th, who defied the slur to become underdog legends, the 53rd went to pieces at the famous battle of Isurava, fleeing and forcing natives to carry their gear back as the remnants of the 39th and regular AIF units battled for survival against overwhelming odds. Even though the Kokoda Campaign did not exclusively save Australia, it was useful in teaching the Australians how to fight in the jungle and ultimately, gain victory over Japan. Their medals are among scores earned for outstanding acts in this hideous campaign.

About , people were engaged in the fighting in Papua, either as combatants or supporting the fighting troops on both sides. In Australia the story of the fuzzy wuzzy angels is well known but thousands of Papuans and New Guineans also participated on the Japanese side. Their medals are among scores earned for outstanding acts in this hideous campaign. X No thanks, continue reading article. These losses played a part in reducing the Japanese manpower and further striking a blow to their morale.

kokoda track ww2 essay

Torture, rape and cannibalism were all features of this war. Moreover, many historical records credit Kokoda with saving Australia from invasion www2, in fact, the Australian victory was due to the limited firepower among the Japanese. Infected cuts, scrapes and combat wounds became ulcers that stripped flesh to the bone.

There is a lot of myth and embellishment surrounding most historical accounts of the Kokoda campaign, which is also referred to as the Kokoda Trail Campaign. Captured Australian soldiers were mutilated; some were deliberately tortured so their screams — or the sight of their savaged bodies when it was done — would draw comrades into rescue missions that became ambushes.


That said, there are useful images and it presents the issue of conscription in an interesting light. HR specialist and generalist: The Kokoda Campaign — which began 75 years ago this weekend — and the broader battle for Papua New Guinea in World War Two breathed a new fire into the Anzac legend spawned at Gallipoli; and it was the crucible in which the Aussie digger metamorphosed from slouch-hatted soldier in khaki to a modern marvel of jungle warfare.

Aboutpeople were engaged in the fighting in Papua, either as combatants or supporting the fighting kokodx on both sides.

The Kokoda Campaign

If you stuck with essay and didn’t find any useful sample here please follow this link traci they write essays, term papers, articles. Beheaded at whim and worked to death: The pattern continued throughout the PNG war. There was fighting on the sea and in the air. The next day they were led and a soldier grabbed Miss Parkinson and tried to hug her.

Such acts were not reserved for natives. Yippee fends off the weapon desperately, lacerating his hand as he grabs the blade. Australia’s War – About the Kokoda Track: Beneath the trees, the darkness is almost impenetrable.

Kokoda Track Campaign WWII: How veterans survived jungle warfare | Daily Telegraph

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Highlights the role played by the Papuan people and provides links to a photo gallery. Among those who did were the militia men of the 53rd Battalion. The Jap is ready to kill. Casualties due to sickness exceeded 4,; the total number of Aussies killed in the broader war around PNG and surrounding islands was closer to 7, The wounded soldier esaay fashioned ragged kneepads and crawled for three weeks back along the track to avoid taking up one of the precious stretchers; the Salvation Army chaplain who somehow rustled up enough supplies and equipment to set up canteens along the track for the exhausted soldiers passing to and from the front; the natives who rescued stricken Australians and hid them from the Japanese.


She pushed him away — at which he drew a bayonet and stabbed her in the throat. The Americans made an important essah to the war in Papua and fought a concurrent battle against the Japanese on the island of Guadalcanal.

kokoda track ww2 essay

It is recorded that during the four-month long campaign, more than Australians died along the Kokoda Trail while over were wounded. The core of this site concerns the Kokoda track – or the Kokoda trail as it is sometimes called.

Overview of Australian Military Forces involvement in the war. That ignorance stretched to the Australian public, with iron-clad censorship more suited to Nazi Germany making it impossible to reveal anything like the truth of what our essag were facing.

Then there is the torture.

While the list of leaders at brigade level and below along the track is a rollcall of heroes, the high command was rived with infighting among old men as concerned with their positions as they were with the fate of the men in PNG.

The casualties were even dssay among the Japanese, with about being ww dead. They were also used for bayonet practice while alive: That transition was marked by extraordinary bravery amid vile conditions; a brutal enemy; infighting at the top; and stunning, officially endorsed, ignorance at home.

Many more feats of courage, endurance, mateship and sacrifice went unrecognised by medals — but remembered by the men who were there.