Comparative analysis of technical efficiency and profitability of cabbage production in selected urban, peri-urban and rural areas of Ashanti Region. Landscape Design may be sustainable design interface, between physical development and natural environment, to conserve nature, enhance aesthetics and efficient land use as solution. Johannes Cronje Event Date: Analysis of the informal fresh tomato markets and the factors affecting tomato production in the Upper East Region of Ghana. Investigation into challenges in developing specifications for procurement of goods.

Over the past decade the retention of employees in the Ghana Education Service has been of a challenge. Sustainable water supply to the urban poor in Accra: Effects of a computerised clinical decision support system and performance-based incentives on maternal healthcare providers in Northern Ghana. Retrenchment process and the coping mechanisms of employees from the banking industry in Ghana: Inertia in paradigm and praxis in the design, development and deployment of pedagogy for teacher development was the problem identified. This exploratory study sought to evaluate end-user perceptions of electronic learning applications used by the University to enhance quality tertiary education.

A descriptive risk model for risk factors of stroke using least absolute shrinkage and selection operator.

The influence of non-Ghanaian chief executive officers culture on organizational culture among private banks in Ghana. Impact of shared sanitation toilets on candidiasis infection among females in Auchi Community, Edo state, Nigeria.


The knsut of organizational cultural traits on staff retention in knusy Financial Development and Agricultural Sector in Ghana: An assessment of the nexus between youth livelihoods and urban poverty in slum communities: Godfred Annum by permission of Conference Organizer Prof. Characterization of non-typhoidal salmonella isolated from patients attending Agona Swedru Municipal hospital.

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Growth and survival strategies for micro finance institutions in the Kumasi Metropolis. Assessing the quality of design and contract documentation and its impact on construction projects performance in Northern Ghana. Teachers’ professional developmentAdult Education, Professional Developmentand In-service teacher training. Purity and adulterant analysis of cocaine seized in Ghana. It also reveals the lack of female participation in the two courses and suggest an improvement of the situation through gender awareness and promotion activities at all levels of DE programming.

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A case study of Kumasi Central Market. A case study of Prudential Bank Limited. Climate change and sustainable development: The demand for sports lottery in Ghana a case study of the Kumasi Metropolis.

OTA production; an emerging thexis in dry cocoa beans. The use of antibiotics and resistance patterns of bacterial isolates from selected fish farms in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

Sample and Sampling Procedure: Assessing the effects of electronic media usage on the sale of print media in Ghana: Investigating the challenges of cocoa purchasing process in Ghana.


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It intends to provide an understanding into the context of development and underdevelopment from the social, cultural and psychological perspectives. Evaluating the effects of sales promotion of alcoholic beverages on the sales of retail outlets in the Kumasi Metropolis: PCF6 Conference daily bulletin.

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CollinMay Hotel, Ejura, Ghana. Left turn accommodation at unsignalized t-intersections: Risk of dietary acrylamide exposure to an adult sub population of consumers of koose.

Environmental audit of small hospitals: Development and evaluation of nutritious rice-based pasta from low grade milled rice. Therefore the study sought to establish the factors that contributed to low job performance and less innovation; and to provide supply chain model the Company could apply to leverage its resources to gain a competitive edge in Ghana.

Again, it provides new Socio-economic analysis of small ruminant livestock production in Northern Ghana. Evaluation of the anti-inflammatory effects of the hydroethanolic extract of holarrhena floribunda in murine models of inflammation.

The case of Gushegu District of Northern Ghana.