While volume was high on weekends, when the Filipinos came to Central to socialize, it fell off during the week, when business was primarily from local office workers. For example, the marketing staff tried to limit their franchise support role to creating initial marketing plans for new openings and reviewing new store plans. Cite View Details Educators Purchase. When Jollibee arrived in Indonesia, they assumed that the market would be similar to the Philippines. The two parts of Jollibee continued to operate largely independently, but strained relations gradually eroded any sense of cooperation and reduced already limited exchanges to a minimum.

The International Division was seen by their domestic counterparts as lavish spenders and unorthodox yet inexperienced newcomers. Operational Management Market entry Once Jollibee had decided to enter a new market, Tony Kitchner negotiated the franchise agreement, often with an investment by the parent company, to create a partnership with the franchisee. Although increased menu diversity almost always came at the cost of some operating efficiency and, by implication, complicated the task of store level operating control , Kitchner was convinced that such concessions to local tastes were necessary. Matters grew worse throughout Jollibee had grown quickly having a total of stores worldwide by the end of year

The franchise was owned by a partnership consisting of Jollibee, the local manager, and five Philippine-Chinese investors, each with internaational one-seventh stake. With more than a million immigrants from the Philippines living in California, most relatively affluent, this state had one of the highest concentrations of Filipino expatriates stuy the world.

It launches an innovative product a specialized surgical robot in an unfamiliar market segment spinal surgery and decides to enter the unfamiliar, distant U. Jollibee had grown quickly having a total of stores worldwide by the end of year For example, rather than preparing new advertising materials for each new promotion as they did in the Philippines, the international marketing group created a library of promotional photographs of each food product that corporatiion be assembled, in-house, into collages illustrating new promotions e.


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jollibee foods corporation international expansion case study

Fast food executives generally believed that chain-wide consistency and reliability was a key driver of success. Once the franchisee had negotiated the lease or purchase, the project manager began recruiting local store managers. We decided that we needed to reposition ourselves to target a more upmarket clientele.

Nevertheless, the company viewed the market as promising. Food and Beverage Industry. While volume was high on weekends, when the Filipinos came to Central to socialize, it fell off during the week, when business was primarily from local office workers.

Storming into the U. Even if he were to approve the store, he wondered if he should support the menu variations that might complicate quality control. The kitchen followed a standard Jollibee design that ensured proper production flow, but Kitchner encouraged FSMs to adapt the counter and dining areas to the demands of the space and the preferences of the franchisee.


Partly due to staff turnover, store managers were focused on dealing with day-to-day operations issues such as uneven product quality and had little time to design even short-term marketing strategies.

The fact is, the Philippine market is not the same with other foreign markets because exapnsion market has its own attributes such as brand perception and taste preference. Jollibee Foods Corp A: In FebruaryKitchner left Jollibee to return to Australia.

He can bridge the gap and settle differences studj these two groups. Remember me on this computer.


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In earlyhis Chinese managers had suggested serving tea the Hong Kong way— using tea dust powdered tea leaves rather than tea bags and adding evaporated milk. We saw them as lavish spenders while we paid very close attention to costs. Please find below the full details of the product you clicked a link to view.

jollibee foods corporation international expansion case study

Particularly among the U. The Tan family, however, retained the majority ownership and clearly controlled Jollibee. View our pricing guide or login to see prices. International Expansion Moving Offshore: But the International Division expanded beyond the Jollimeal concept.

Jollibee Foods Corp. (A) International Expansion (HBS case) [General Management]_图文_百度文库

International Expansion Once architectural and engineering plans were approved, construction began. International Expansion We saw that in Brunei, where we were the pioneers xepansion fast food, we were able to set the pace and standards.

One problem was that, despite strenuous efforts, Jollibee had been unable to hire many local Chinese as crew members.

Over time, conflict arose over day-to-day management issues between the Jollibee operations staff assigned to maintain local oversight and the Taiwanese partner. Behind all that fun and friendly environment that the customer internafional is a well oiled machine that keeps close tabs on our day-to-day operations.

The addition of two secretaries rounded out his staff. International Expansion Another key factor in this business is location.